There are 54 students who have transferred to the major of 2020 in North Sichuan Medical College, 117 students have applied, and 25 students of clinical medicine have applied for transferring out

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Turn professional data are needed before the college entrance examination provided an important content, don’t simply look big framework, but depends on the specific list, and want to apply for transfer to the change of the situation, we choose to professional has a lot of reference, namely the children choose the wrong in the college entrance examination, or after school to understand, to find and not let’s imagine professional;And the specific list, you can see how difficult;In this article, let’s take a look at the data of the 2020 class of North Sichuan Medical College. The number of applicants is 117, and the number of clinical medicine applicants is 25. What major do so many want to transfer?The final transfer of major 54 people, this batch and this second batch can be transferred to each other, at the same time depends on the results;Specific see below to see the final list first, into the list, the number with the admission plan ha, who is not to say more, only five people, oral medicine clinical medicine have 10 people, psychiatry 10 people, other are small, clinical medicine program number is 20 people, ultimately no quota, concrete or and transferred to the requirements of the professional relationship;Only 1 person was transferred to medical imaging, and only 1 person was enrolled. Let’s look at the data of the number of applicants next.Clinical medicine had the largest number of applicants with 25, followed by nursing with 15, followed by anesthesiology with nine.In fact, the competition between clinical medicine and stomatology is very fierce every year, so all the 25 clinical medicine students apply for stomatology major, but only 3 of them finally transfer to stomatology, which shows how big the competition is.Two students majoring in medical imaging were transferred to oral cavity.Other professional shake is less;Next, let’s look at the situation and specific requirements for transferring to a major. This is the most noteworthy one.The most applicants were stomatology (35), psychiatry (34) and midwifery (14).There are 10 people who want to be transferred to clinical medicine, and there are very few other majors. There are few applications for medical imaging in North Sichuan Medical College.Specific and professional mutual transfer has a great relationship, at the same time in Sichuan is this batch and this second batch of students at the same time;Next, let’s look at the specific requirements. The requirements for the change of major of class 2020 and class 2021 are the same. Here we directly give the data of class 2021.Can see the specific specialty to be able to go to which, instead of saying let’s college entrance examination to college, choose the professional, go in to think of some way to go after the professional, must be careful ah, to pay attention to the problem of professional dispensing, at the same time, the worst professional can choose what are a few, is very important, if we want to enter oneself for an examination, north sichuan medical college, must see this form.There is also a limit to the number of people;Finally, let’s look at the requirements of the results, the application requirements are the top 50% of the professional ranking, if you really want to change the major this result is not difficult, the other is the assessment result, the usual required courses account for 40%, into the assessment result is 60%;In addition to the achievement requirements, in fact, the most important or the number of restrictions;For example, the three students who had been transferred from clinical medicine to stomatology had the highest score of 89 and the lowest score of 84.Of the 25 people who signed up, the minimum score was also 80;So the top 50 percent is very different;Good, let’s say here ha, especially sichuan examinee, want to enter oneself for an examination of the medical university in Sichuan, must go to study more;Two key points, how to keep our professional, and how not to be professional adjustment;Very important, don’t wait to get in, and then regret;Welcome to pay attention to @College Planning Zhao Hong, continue to update the relevant content of college planning for you;Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to college planning Zhao Hong