Truck drivers trapped because of the epidemic police measures to ensure emergency relief

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Affected by the new round of epidemic prevention and control in Shanghai, many truck drivers are stranded in the entry and exit expressway toll stations and areas under their jurisdiction.They actively responded to the needs of the epidemic prevention and control work. Although they were temporarily relocated, eating and sleeping became a big problem.In order to solve the truck driver’s life needs, Jinshan police help to implement relevant safeguard measures in time, solve the pressing problem.Photo: Police send materials to drivers staying in Shanghai On April 5 afternoon, the Police of Jinshan Public Security branch and shanyang police station patrol through jinshan Stadium, found a truck parked at the roadside, the driver pacing beside the car.”I am of greening, 20 days ago from anhui to Shanghai, spent five days in fengxian, has been 15 days behind in jinshan, peacetime all slept in the car, because of the outbreak couldn’t go out now, can only to the gas station every day to buy something to eat, can also find place to do every day a few days ago the nucleic acid, now can’t find do nucleic acid, can’t do the nucleic acid, also can’t get into the gas station.”See police come forward, the driver Master Wang quickly help.Looking at wang’s sad expression, the police calmed the driver’s anxious mood while contacting the epidemic prevention department to communicate solutions patiently.According to the instructions of the district epidemic prevention Office, the police immediately took the truck driver to the Shanghai Public Health clinical Center for nucleic acid sampling.Later, he helped contact the local village committee to temporarily settle Wang and ensure his accommodation.”Thanks to the help of the Shanghai police, I am relieved that I have secured the land. I will cooperate with the epidemic prevention measures.”Master Wang said excitedly.”It has been seven days in a row, the police will send rice to the point, three meals a day can eat hot meals, before long distance did not have this treatment.”Stranded in S19 high-speed toll station truck driver Cao said with emotion.It is understood that due to the need of the epidemic prevention and control, various high-speed crossing implement controls for the first time in Shanghai, jinshan zhangyan public security bureau police station is active docking and epidemic prevention departments of zhangyan town, the area under its jurisdiction highway crossing stranded lorries and his entourage check statistics, all-round meet the epidemic prevention and control during the van driver outside of room and board, nucleic acid detection and so on a series of practical needs.Shi Danting, a police officer in Zhangyan Police Station, said, “The police stationed in the station together with the relevant departments’ ‘point-to-point’ service will deliver nutritious meals and yogurt to the stranded truck drivers every day. Nucleic acid tests will also be arranged according to the epidemic prevention requirements. If they have any difficulties or need, they can also contact us at any time.”Correspondent Shen Hao Xinmin Evening News reporter Tu Yu