Unfavourably nucleic acid testing arrangement: Choose from a society or test centre

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Xi ‘an Unremarkable District Epidemic Prevention and Control Command uncompares the situation of the epidemic for the city. It decides to carry out nucleic acid screening on April 10.Unfavourably everyone in your district (including those who live, work, study or travel in unfavourably’s district).2. Sampling time starts at 0 o ‘clock on April 10, 2022 (Sunday) and ends at 12 o ‘clock.(1) All personnel shall be inspected in accordance with the principle of “no leakage of one household, no leakage of one person”.During the sampling period, please take the initiative to show valid identification such as “Shaanxi Yipong” or YOUR ID card, take good personal protection, wear a mask at all times, keep a distance of more than 1 meter from others, and do not talk or gather together.People in primary, secondary and kindergarten, accompanied by their parents, shall complete sampling at the nearest social nucleic acid testing point strictly according to the sampling time node.(2) On April 10, the academic proficiency test for regular senior high schools in Shaanxi province continued. The exam-takers were required to complete nucleic acid screening at the test centers according to the unified arrangement of the whole city. The accompanying personnel were required to complete nucleic acid screening in their residential communities in advance.Uncompares High School Students’ Performance test centre is set at Xi ‘an Uncompares No. 1 Middle School, Xi ‘an Hui ‘an Middle School and Xi ‘an Uncompares Experimental Middle School. The test will be completed after the test, uncompares high School before 18pm.Mobile nucleic acid sampling sites will be set up at the test site to collect additional nucleic acid samples for candidates who have not undergone nucleic acid testing.Candidates can choose to take nucleic acid test at social meeting or test site voluntarily.All residential areas should do a good job in the service of the examiners. The examiners will not check the identification stickers when leaving the residential areas in the morning, and they should take the initiative to accept the nucleic acid screening stickers when returning to the residential areas.Each street unit shall release the examinee holding the admission ticket in time, which shall not affect the examinee’s normal examination.(3) Identification stickers shall be issued to those who have completed the sampling at each nucleic acid screening site.Please post it on your mobile phone, card bag, work card and other portable, not easy to fall off, easy to show the location, the logo will be your access to the community, work units and public places effective proof.Those without stickers will be restricted from taking public transport, entering and leaving residential areas, companies and supermarkets.(iv) Persons who have received novel coronavirus vaccine within 48 hours are not allowed to take samples on the same day. Sampling personnel in medical institutions are required to make sure that all samples are collected and the information is properly registered.If they have fever, cough and other ten symptoms, they should be guided to the nearest designated hospital fever clinic immediately.(5) Compulsory measures such as giving yellow and red codes to individuals who violate relevant regulations, do not participate in, do not cooperate with or deliberately disturb public order will be taken;If the circumstances are serious, the public security organs will investigate the legal responsibility according to relevant laws and regulations.Ren Ting, reporter of Huashang Daily Source: Huashang net – Editor of Huashang Daily: Fang Zheng