A woman carrying her mother to her boyfriend’s home for the New Year was treated by a vegetarian dinner

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The Year of the Tiger Spring Festival, this joke on the hot!More let me think of, is the netizen saw anger!The woman carried her mother to her boyfriend’s home for Chinese New Year. Her boyfriend’s mother prepared a vegetarian dinner for the woman: a fried green pepper, a pot of white tofu, a plate of fried dried beans.It was the first time I saw it, and it seemed to me that the boyfriend’s mother was very cultured and sending an important message to the woman.Anyone who doesn’t have a flaw knows what it means.I didn’t expect to find out that it was hot!Miracle!Some netizens said that the husband’s family has no time to prepare (this is not pulling it?That’s what they eat for New Year?Really the whole family eat vegetarian, that can also go downstairs to buy more than two cooked meat to entertain others, so simple things why not do?This statement, not tenable!)More netizens are angry, saying that the mother of both men and women is too stingy, to thin son’s girlfriend, this future mother-in-law, too kind, suggested to break up!…At the moment my judgment: this is the network push hand another wave of boring network hype.Otherwise, they are scolding many netizens who participated in the hot discussion of this paragraph, especially those who are angry.A stir-fried green pepper, a pot of white tofu, a plate of fried dried beans.One green (qing), two white boyfriend mother put a sumptuous New Year’s Eve dinner to eat, specially served these three vegetarian dishes, is to tell the woman: hope that his son in the future to marry, is a clean two white girl to be a daughter-in-law, rather than “casual” woman.I’m sure that’s what any parent with a son, in their heart of hearts, would want.As a woman, has not been married to someone else, not to mention carrying her mother to her boyfriend’s home for the Spring Festival, saying that she usually goes to someone else’s home for the night, for any boy’s parents, the bottom of my heart is a big question mark: this woman is not very “casual”?Have you been casual with other guys before?I’ve asked a dozen men and women of all ages: If you were to buy a car, would you buy a used one or a new one?Almost everyone unthinkingly tells me: Buy a new hand.Because the used car has been driven by others, driving uncomfortable.For those who buy used cars, ask why. Guess why?”Practice, break, sell, buy a new car.” At the end of the day, buy a new car!A woman who buys a used car just to “practice” and “hang out” with other men is like a “used car” to any parents and men. As long as conditions permit, she will not “buy” a “used car”, but “buy” a “new car”.Maybe some feminists will stand up and scold me, saying that I do not respect women, think old-fashioned, what is the age, and talk about “pure and white”, “chastity” and so on, and that men and women are equal, women also have the right to love freely, the freedom to love and be loved, it is normal to have several boyfriends before marriage…I’m still saying: if you have a son, you probably want him to marry you to a blonde girl who’s had a lot of (you know) “casual” boyfriends.Unless it is a political or commercial marriage based on the exchange of interests.I also believe that all men want to spend a lot of money to marry a perfect wife, just as they don’t like to buy a used car, to buy a new car.So why do feminists on the Internet and even on TV continue to advocate women’s “freedom” to love, to try marriage, to have sex freely before marriage, and even to pursue “true love” after marriage?A female guest “teacher” of a TV program was exposed to have an affair with more than N female protagonists, I believe we all know, all seconds understand: “” feminism” this bowl of rice, delicious “(exposed male” feminist “words).First of all, in today’s eyeball economy, the topic of “women’s rights” attracts the most attention and traffic. If there is traffic, there will be fans, and you can quickly become an Internet celebrity, and you can get all kinds of benefits if you become famous.Secondly, the topic of women’s rights attracts women, especially those between 25 and 50 years old. These female fans are the most consumable and easy to “cash in”. Finally, male “feminists” constantly advocate women to “open their minds” and encourage women to open their arms.In order to give him/her the opportunity of constantly “making” new girlfriends and lovers;The female “feminist”, I’m afraid, is trying to cover up her own past “freedom” and persuade more women to be like her.And believe that the so-called “feminist” propaganda by the trial marriage, active pursuit of “true love” nonsense, eventually become a “casual” woman, after marriage, waiting for them, the first is a divorce, a bit not equal to idea, they will want to go to the pursuit of “true love” and divorce, and even offered, rather than sticking to their marriage.Because they have “break up” experience and experience, to borrow a less appropriate word “inertia” – have broken up (in their mind, divorce and break up is the same) of inertia thinking;Men, as long as conditions permit, will not take it seriously or cherish it too much because it is not a “new car”, or even just “practice”, they will readily choose to “sell” the old car for a new car (divorce or consent to divorce).If you look at the statistics, the highest divorce rate is among women who pursue “equality between men and women”, “freedom of love”, “get a boyfriend” before marriage, try marriage and then marry another man.No parent wants their son to get divorced after marriage, and a woman carries her mother to her boyfriend’s home for the Spring Festival. The “future mother-in-law” should also worry about her character and her son becoming a “garbage collector” because of her “casual” behavior.Therefore, the “future mother-in-law” in the joke had a vegetarian dinner for the woman. She asked the woman politely if she was a “pure and white” woman and hoped her son would marry a “pure and white” woman, rather than a “casual” woman.Because the right timing, stamp of different people in the human nature and demand – a, observe a festival, is idle, coincided with a second, should be the driving force in the push back wave wave three, because associated with “feminism”, “feminist” take this topic as the article, “feminist” fans, and therefore was touched a nerve, tenderly.Thumbs up for the “future mother-in-law” in the joke!A joke and oneself, this feel not worth mentioning since the popular, I also want to say two words to female friends one, listen to “feminist” those nonsense, drink less what gender equality poison chicken soup;Two, respect yourself (marriage), to win the respect of others;If you cherish yourself (your innocence and marriage), you will be cherished by your partner.