Confiscation of settlement of 80,000 yuan?

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Recently, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Guyang County procuratorate civil prosecutor received a “mysterious express”, open the package, greeted by a written “fair law enforcement body of the people” banner, see the signoff, the prosecutor suddenly realized…Things from a civil effective judgment supervision case.In October 2021, The Guyang County Procuratorate accepted a partnership agreement dispute application supervision case, the applicant Liu mou that the court identified the project settlement money is not in accordance with the facts, the trial in absentia by the applicant Li Mou intentionally concealed the fact that has received Liu Mou 80,000 yuan.Because of the new certificate issued by the contractor, Li mou for the project settlement to be recognized, but for the 80,000 yuan collection, insist that they have never received.Although Liu swore, but eventually because he was paying cash and did not let Li write a receipt, unable to provide evidence to prove the fact, leading to this fact cannot be determined.The breakthrough of this case can only be the accounts provided when Liu applied for supervision and the accounts provided when Li sued the court.After few days, the team handling the case immersed in a large number of the books material, pieces through page after page, verify, finally to the court to give evidence in the area of a very small corner to find a line of small print: “2014.1.27 ryu receive 80000 yuan,” the lines and the amount of payment time, ryu statement perfectly.In order to find out who provided and wrote the original evidence, the prosecutor applied to the county court for access to the original file of proceedings.When Li mou saw the original evidence of his personal record collection in the case, finally remembered that he did receive Liu Mou 80,000 yuan.As the case has been basically find out, in line with the “new evidence enough to overthrow the original judgment or written order” as requested by the protest condition, but the two sides have no prosecutors considered substantial controversy and the case is in the process of execution, retrace the judicial process takes longer, but increase the amount, as with the fastest speed and minimum cost to resolve disputes, the parties also to justice,After repeated communication, interpretation and accounting, the two parties reached a settlement agreement and reduced the arrears already paid.Liu because of urgent need to go to the field to negotiate business can not personally send the flag, so before departure, specially rushed to make the flag mailed to the Guyang County Prosecutor’s office to express gratitude, this has the beginning of this article “mysterious express” appeared.Source: Procuratorial Daily