From next week, good luck, “silent, gold ten thousand taels”, the four zodiac luck

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Many people said that when he grew up, he would be loyal to his parents, but as he grew older, he forgot his original intention.From next week, good luck shine, “silent, gold,” rat good luck again and again.Rats and dragons: Rats and dragons can be good friends and appreciate each other’s talents.Female monkey and male rat have a lot in common. That is, female monkey is a restless animal. Only by constantly moving can they feel the existence and significance of life, while male rat is lively, so they have a lot in common.Belong to the rat, character, cheerful, smart, strong, confident, optimistic, has the ability, not content with the status quo, never eat bitterness, as if never worry, they are very lucky, often encounter people, money, a fusion all over the sky, they always have cover the god of wealth, no matter what problems can be solved, is a very potential success.From next week, good luck will shine, “silent, gold, ten thousand taels”, the Chinese zodiac good luck.Tiger and Snake – Suspicion, indifference, and lack of compassion are incompatible, contradictory, and intensely hostile to each other.Marriage does not allow you to establish a real relationship with her, because her ambition will make the gap between them bigger and bigger, and eventually lead to more and more estrangement between them, so, they get married, it will not be long.Therefore, people born in the year of dog, had better have Yin, Wu, xu and other words, the power of the three has a lot of help to people, popularity, nobles will be very good.From next week, good luck shine, “silent, ten thousand gold not out”, the rooster good luck.As the saying goes, a man born in the year of dragon in 1988 is the most suitable for a woman born in the year of chicken in 1993.There will be conflicts between unitary chickens and rabbits, so the most taboo is to find rabbits, which is a low-level marriage.Since ancient times, the combination of dragon and phoenix has been very special, and “Phoenix” is the symbol of the rooster, so the rooster in 1981 is the best luck.From next week, good luck shine, “silent, gold thousand taels”, the monkey good luck.By the 1980s, marriage had become so ingrained in monkey women that they wouldn’t ask for a divorce unless it was domestic violence.The destructive force of the Chinese zodiac is mainly directed at the dragon, which corresponds to shen Chen and corresponds to the Chinese zodiac.Luck of the 81-year-old monkey: The fruit-eating monkey eats guava.