Key points of education work in XX District in 2022

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Key points of XX District education work 1, adhere to deepening reform, and constantly stimulate the development of education 1.We will fully implement the 14th Five-Year Plan for Education.2. We will systematically carry out education evaluation reform for the new era.3. We will deepen a new round of comprehensive education reform.4. We will promptly implement reform of the education supervision system and mechanism.Adhere to the integration of education, education and Education, and comprehensively implement the fundamental task of promoting morality and fostering talent.6. Train students to develop core qualities.7. Promote education in physical health and national defense.8. Enhance students’ artistic aesthetics and humanistic qualities.9. Strengthen the function of labor education in comprehensive education.10. Improve mental health education and family education.We will continue to take multiple measures to improve the quality and efficiency of all types of education.We will accelerate the quality and balanced development of compulsory education.13. Promoting diversified development of high school education.14. Focusing on the in-depth and in-depth development of special education.15. Coordinating integrated development of vocational adult education.16. Guide the standardized and healthy development of private education.Iv. Strengthening Teachers and Promoting Education and Effectively enhancing teachers’ ability to teach and educate studentsDeepen the reform of the personnel management system for teachers.19. We will promote the project to strengthen teachers in basic education.V. Adhere to overall planning and Coordination and strive to improve the effectiveness of comprehensive education governanceBuild a safe and civilized campus.22. Optimize the allocation of educational resources.23. Innovate educational cooperation and exchanges.24. Promote it application in education.We will vigorously monitor the implementation of important work.