King of Glory KPL spring game roster announced, AG no dream tears, dream tears emotion response

2022-06-19 0 By

The 2022 King of Glory KPL Spring Tournament roster has been announced, as the most popular AG super game on KPL is also the object of many people’s attention, there are a lot of people because of the love of dream tears and pay attention to the AG super game, in the hearts of many players, the AG Dream tears Han xin that is the belief.However, after the announcement of the roster, many AG fans found that the position did not dream of tears.In the big list of AG spring competition, the head coach is Zhang Jiao, and the other ten players are listed as follows:Jersey, have, in the early morning, the garden, long cheng, smiling expression, a noble, aurora, ace, the Cat, only little dream tears, tears when dream name didn’t appear in the list, while believe many friends like dream tears unavoidably some lost, in fact this can understand, a lot of people because the dream tears only know chengdu AG super play,And the dream tears Han Xin steal home has become the king of KPL history is difficult to surpass the classic, for the dream tears failed to appear in the big list, fans will inevitably have some not to adapt.Tears of Dreams also responded: “There is more than one arena for the king, this time they have to work together in different places.”Dream tears haven’t played in KPL game for a long time, but as a popular player, past AG will hang up the dream tears on the roster, this didn’t believe that many people have thought to the list, and in the 2021 version of Kings glory international invitational, dream tears represent KPL division, together with the other members of the AG super play group AG failed to qualify,But they have done very well.In 2022 Asian Games, the King of Glory Asian Games version will be introduced as the Asian Games, and the gold medal will be directly included in the national gold medal tally. Will we see tears of dream in the Asian Games?Let us know in the comments section.