LOL: UZI caved and signed with station B, MXLG told the truth, no wonder they didn’t return to RNG

2022-06-19 0 By

Believe everyone saw something crazy uzi recently in rank, it illustrates from uzi in preparation for the summer season, now is the master, have to say, uzi is strong, master pretty easily, on this point and NiuBao somewhat, points such as chopping vegetables, and recent live on uzi contract also will soon expire,The previous contract with Huya expired in early April, but now it has signed with Uzi BLG, and also wants to sign the uzi live broadcast contract on its platform, because there are millions of traffic everywhere, which is jealous of any platform.Recently, xiaoyuan (LPL) broke the news that Uzi has signed a contract with B station, but there are still some parts of xiaoxiang, the live contract has not been confirmed, anyway, it is either to stay in the original platform, or it is in B station, also hope that we can rest assured, but here to pay attention to a point is,The fact that Uzi was signed by Bilibili and not BLG, because BLG is just a club under STATION B, is very interesting, but we all know that BLG mainly relies on station B for blood transfusion, otherwise a club could not afford to buy players with so much money.Believe everybody knows before uzi and BLG club make is not very good, is now a b standing directly talk to him, estimates that things will be toward the good direction, but if it really goes well, then, summer back hair should be no big problem, and as for the cause of broadcast protocol is not settled, estimation is uzi brokerage there price is too high,Everyone knows that uzi’s contract is now in Xiaoxang, and xiaoxang’s boss is PDD, PDD is a successful businessman, so it should be normal that the negotiation is slow.In fact, the main conflict is the live broadcast salary after retirement. MLXG didn’t get any money and sued RNG to the court. And RNG’s attitude in handling the lawsuit was also disappointing.Is it really a good idea for RNG to be the god of contracts, just like Uzi is totally resentful of the club?From MLXG spray RNG online until now, almost didn’t receive any feedback, that’s why let MLXG irritable, you can see, this figure is about RNG lawsuit, don’t know, a see also many, why has been no positive response, estimate is indefensible, so delayed, but it certainly is not enough,After all, when the time is up, you can apply for mandatory execution, which will have an impact on RNG.Mlxg said during the live broadcast, “MANY of my trophies have been withheld, and I have not been able to get them back. What can I do?”Uzi was smarter and took every trophy home.From this point of view, salary deduction, trophy deduction, no wonder Uzi would rather join BLG than RNG, so what do you think about these things?