Nanchang: Qingming Festival weather

2022-06-19 0 By

Early weather review nanchang in March this year less precipitation, higher temperature, more sunshine.The average precipitation in Nanchang in March was 168.9 mm, 0.7 percent less than that in the same period.The average temperature of the city was 15.4℃, 3.2℃ higher than that of the same period all the year round, which was the highest in the history of the same period since there were meteorological data.The average sunshine duration of the city is 108 hours, 16.1 hours more than the same period of the year.According to the latest data analysis, qingming holiday (3 ~ 5 days) our city is mainly sunny to cloudy weather, the temperature of 10 ~ 23℃.The weather remained fine from 6th to 8th, and the temperature gradually rose.Specific forecast 2 days: sunny cloudy, north wind level 2 ~ 3, 9 ~ 18℃.May 3: sunny and cloudy, north wind level 2 ~ 3, 9 ~ 21℃.May 4: Clear to cloudy, north wind level 2 ~ 3, 10 ~ 22℃.May 5: cloudy, north wind force 2-3, 14 ~ 22℃.Attention and Construction 1. Do a good job in fire safety management.Qingming holiday weather is fine, forest fire risk meteorological level is higher, need to pay attention to fire safety.2. Arrange agricultural activities reasonably.In the next five days, the weather will be fine and the temperature will rise, which is favorable for farming activities.Direct seeding of early rice in time, 3 days later can be sown in a large area.Heat preservation and seedling cultivation need to strengthen the management in the shed, after the temperature rises in time uncover the film ventilation, ventilation, drainage wet training seedlings, enhance resistance, cultivate strong seedlings.Transplanting early rice of seedling age in time.