Now farmers like to work in cities, so do you think the grain we eat is still planted by farmers

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Who do you think grew the food we eat today?There used to be more than a hundred families in our village, but now there are only about a dozen. Those who can afford it have gone to town.Some people have moved to cities to buy houses and settle down, while others have moved to cities to work or do business. At present, there are hardly any young people in our village except for a few days during the Spring Festival.Among the ten or so families left behind by the peasants, only the elderly are left, because their daughters have married far away, and it is difficult to get a wife in the countryside. Their sons are still single and have no children. Therefore, there are very few left-behind children.Our village is a plain area, and the fields are contracted out to a single owner.The remaining 10 or so elderly families no longer grow food themselves, they only grow a few vegetables in front and back of their houses to eat by themselves, and now they have to buy the food they normally eat.Farmers In addition, my grandmother’s home is a mountainous area, where the fields are quite uneven, small pieces of high and low, similar to terraced fields, not suitable for large-scale farming, so there is no boss to contract their fields.The young people in my grandmother’s village are almost all gone, and the old people who are left are able to grow more flat fields closer to home, but not much, that is, enough to feed themselves.Those fields that are not easy to plant far from home are naturally abandoned, because old people are not physically capable of planting so many fields.Migrant workers this is the real countryside where we live. Elderly people in mountainous areas may grow a little food for themselves.And plain area rural left-behind old people, in fact, now also buy grain to eat.And those peasants who go into the city in large numbers to do business are now buying grain to eat.I’m talking about our countryside, which is just a small microcosm, and now the countryside is slowly dying out, indicating that this is also a trend.If this is the case in your countryside, where do you think the food we eat now comes from?