People’s Daily official micro praise!Lianyungang beauty is hot search

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March 24th evening, jiangsu satellite TV program “jiangsu new space-time” played by station push lianyungang huaguo mountain scenic area in lianyungang meiyuan scenery, the People’s Daily microblog then create topic # # lianyungang huaguo mountain plum blossom CanReYunXia rushed to the microblogging hot search list 30th reading so far has more than 34 million huaguo mountain plum CanReYunXia in addition,People’s Daily Overseas Edition, People’s Daily Digital Communication,, Crystal News, Beijing News, China Culture media network, Global Times Global Travel, Jiangsu News, Hong Kong SATELLITE TV and many other official media forwarded, causing hot discussion and praise from netizens.As the song Dynasty poet Lu Meipo’s poem “Mei needs to snow three minutes white, but the snow lost mei a section of incense” as written, into the plum garden, the fragrance of the plum blossoms coming fresh and refreshing, the pace was also attracted by this fragrance, could not help but stop.The park is equipped with ecological walking paths, tourist leisure corridors and pavilions, etc. The area, number and types of plum blossom in Gaolaozhuang Plum Garden are among the best in the whole city and even in northern Jiangsu.Plum Garden of Huaguo Mountain is located in the northeast slope of Gaolaozhuang scenic spot of Huaguo Mountain, covering an area of about 550 mu. It is one of the new scenic spots built by the scenic spot in recent years.The 23, 000 plum blossom plants have become a new spot in the mountain.Plum varieties include guli red plum, vermilion red plum, green sepal plum, beauty plum and so on.The flowering time of the plum Garden is from February to March every year.Flower season, manshan flowers, fragrant, let a person relaxed and happy, linger.This spring, will continue to expand the plum garden area, continuous planting of high quality plum 3000 plants, will form a plum garden with red plum as the main, all kinds of plum blossoming.Source: Yuntai Mountain Scenic Spot Management Committee