Stick to your post and don’t slack off!When families get together, they “cloud reunite” with their families

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Qingdao Daily/View sea News – Spring Festival, is the day of family reunion by lights, in Dongjiakou port area, Shandong Entry-exit border Inspection terminal Dongjiakou border control station immigration management police still adhere to the law enforcement on duty, guarding the safety of the front line of the door.This Spring Festival, they are reunited with their families in the “cloud”.”Mom, dad, this is my report card!””Mom and dad, happy New Year!”On the first morning of the first day of the New Year, Li Hu, a new police officer who was attending the ability improvement training at The People’s Police University of China (Guangzhou Campus), made a video call to his parents in Jinan.”Well?Did you eat dumplings?””Yes, yes, the school dumplings taste very good!”In early December 2021, according to the work arrangement of new police training, Li Hu attended the ability and quality improvement training class held by The People’s Police University of China (Guangzhou Campus). For him, it was a good opportunity to improve his quality and expand his knowledge. He was very excited.However, he was dazzled by the C language, English and official document writing that followed.However, these “difficult problems” did not stop Li Hu, but inspired his fighting spirit.After more than two months of hard study and practice, Li Hu has made obvious progress.”Look, mom and dad, this is my report card!”In the recent final assessment, Li Hu got good grades, especially in English. He was praised by the teachers and became the Representative of The English class.Today, he made a point of announcing good news to his parents when he paid them a New Year call.While talking with his parents, Li Hu walked to the library.”Once you’ve made progress, you can’t relax and recharge your batteries!””He said to his parents.”Grandma, I wish you longevity and health!”At 11:00 am, Liu Yan, who was on patrol in the port area, felt the vibration of his mobile phone in his protective clothing. After finishing his duty, he returned to the police room and disinfected his body. Liu Yan picked up his mobile phone and found that it was a video call from his daughter.”Dad.”Daughter sweet voice through the mobile phone spread over.”Gone to granny’s?””At Great-Grandma’s.”Years later, it was the 100th birthday of Liu Yan’s grandmother. The whole family held a noisy 100th birthday party for her on the first day, but Liu Yan was unable to attend because of business arrangements.He and his daughter agreed that when they visited her home, they would make a video call to celebrate her birthday.Today is the first day of Chinese New Year, the festive atmosphere did not affect the speed of ship operations in the port area.He was very busy in the morning, patrolling, checking and picking up the crew. Liu Yan had no time to answer his daughter’s phone calls several times.At noon, he was reunited with his family in the clouds.In the video, the family sits around the elderly woman and raises a toast to her birthday.Liu Yan said to his grandmother, “Grandma, I wish you longevity and health. I am on duty and can only call you to say happy New Year!””Well, work hard and do more for the party and the country!”See this end of the phone wearing police uniform Liu Yan, as an old party member’s grandmother is very gratified, could not help but told.”Dad, you rest assured on duty, I sing for you to listen to grandmother.”The daughter skillfully said to Liu Yan.Without saying a few words, the ship agent’s phone call came over, the port has a crew shift entry, need to carry out inspection.Liu Yan hurriedly ended the brief cloud reunion, and into the tense work.”We can’t slack off for a moment and finish the procedures as soon as possible for the crew so that they can go home and be reunited as soon as possible,” Liu said.”Guard the door of the country, also protect your dear!”A ray of early morning sun shines on the border police station in Xiding, Yunnan province. Gu Lisong and his attendants stand in solemn order and raise the first national flag of the New Year in the face of the rising sun.In August 2021, Gu Licong went to yunnan for training, which has been nearly half a year now.After eating dumplings, Kulisson and his colleagues begin the day.District patrol, checkpoint inspection, in coordination with the epidemic prevention and control inspection, the winter temperature in Yunnan is still not falling, the just rained road is covered with mud, Gu Lishong and his colleagues deep foot, shallow foot patrol of the entire district, hurried lunch, then went to visit the district of the lonely elderly and needy people.Back at the police station in the afternoon, Gu licong washed his face and made a video call to his wife and daughter in Rizhao.”Dad, what are you doing?”I haven’t seen her for a long time.”Dad just got back from the precinct.””Dad, look, MY New Year’s gift to you.”In wechat, her daughter sent a picture of her father in a police uniform. Her daughter wrote in her childish handwriting: hero in my heart.Gulisong looked at his daughter’s painting, his eyes moist.He talked to her for a long time, listening to her talk about her holidays, her homework problems, her favorite toys, her life that should have been his.The daughter fell asleep in his wife’s arms.Looking at his daughter’s rosy face, Gu Lisong felt guilty.”We’ve been married for ten years, and I’ve failed as a husband and father.”Kullicson said to his wife in the video.”We both understand and are proud of you.””Said the wife, stroking her daughter’s soft hair.After chatting, Gu Lisong got up again and patrolled the area.”I am a tree on the border line, taking root in the door of the country, guarding the door of the country, and guarding you dear!”Back in the police room, hearing the noise of firecrackers outside, Kulisong sent a message to his wife and daughter.(Qingdao Daily/Sea View News reporter, Liang Chao, Correspondent, Li Mingzhu, Liu Hao)