Study: How different is a child born during the day?!Let’s have fun with the night ones

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Have you noticed an interesting phenomenon: most pregnant women start at night?More babies born at night than during the day?When this bacterium was in the gynecology and obstetrics department before, it also felt busier at night than during the day.Rationally speaking, there is no difference between giving birth during the day and giving birth at night.You just have to be born.But the real world is never theoretical, and the benefits of having a baby at night are many.The reason I chose to be born at night is not all for my parents to consider the pregnancy in October, one day delivery.Most fetuses are delivered to term.Term is defined as 37 weeks of gestation and development in the womb.The 37 weeks start at the moment the fertilized egg unites.Most of the time, the fertilized eggs combine at night, which, you know, makes it more likely that the baby will be born at night.If you were born in the daytime, wouldn’t that require you and your husband to be in the daytime?People are so busy during the day, they don’t have time to make babies.Millions of years of habits for your own safety starting when we weren’t even wearing clothes.The first thing many herbivores do after giving birth to their young is to eat the placenta and lick the blood and clothes off the young.The most important reason to do this is to keep the smell of blood away from predators.Carnivores have a keen sense of smell and may be able to smell prey and blood from miles away.Pregnant women give birth a few hours short, long more than a dozen hours.Not only the screams of contractions, but also the placenta after delivery and the baby’s unscrubbed amniotic fluid can attract predators on the prowl.Although humans are not weak in combat, they also have an Achilles’ heel — babies.Fans of the germ article may have noticed that almost all human offspring are “premature babies.”The specific reasons are irrelevant to this article and will not be described here.It is for this reason that, in the event of an attack by a wild animal, the human race must be concerned with the safety of the baby and the foreign enemy.In addition, the mother just gave birth, tired even open their eyes to see the strength of the baby, even looking at the immediate danger, there is nothing to do.In order to adapt to the environment and avoid the daytime feeding schedule of carnivores, humans changed themselves and gave birth at night more often.It takes a lot of effort to be seen by your family for the first time.In the evening, all the members of the family (which lived together as a group in the primitive society) went home from work to provide a safe environment for the delivery of the woman and to take better care of the woman and the baby.When the puerpera is near the mouth of the palace, the contractions are longer and longer, and the pain is more intense. Looking at the family around, the puerpera can feel more at ease.From the head of the baby, then the whole body, and finally the placenta, there is a lot of pain at each stage.With family around, at least in each pass can help, take good care of the maternal.The safety of the mother and the baby is guaranteed, and the baby is more likely to survive.Of course, when I say “born at night,” it’s only a high probability that millions of babies will be born during the day.Read this article pregnant mother, do not begin to fret at night, worried that the baby will suddenly come in a night.The baby will show up at the right moment, not a second later, not a second earlier.Pregnant mother just get ready for the delivery bag, hold on to the pig teammates around, wait for the little guy to knock on the door!Finally, I am October fungus, I love this world!