The 12th Responsibility Area of Lanshan County: Firmly establish the people-centered development idea and always strive to improve the happiness and sense of gain of the people

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Yongzhou today (blue mountain stringer Yang qing) since this year, lanshan county jurisdiction 12 champions of the county party committee county government policy decisions, actively organize to carry out the “urban management promotion year” activities, strive to promote the new look of the city, city thought of people centered development, always working to improve people’s well-being and the acquisition.First, the leadership attaches importance to the plan:Lanshan county after pledging conference, the first to set up 12 district headquarters, and will held a working arrangement deployment, formulated the “twelfth indeed, enhancing the” city management “work plan”, will twelve divided into eight groups, 8 responsible units assigned to the responsibility area, will adopt responsibility divided into unit, unit of each responsibility main leaders personally led full participation, do their job,Each to his own.The headquarters conducts four operations a day to inspect and rectify environmental sanitation, road order, and civilization persuasion in the whole area, so as to truly rectify problems without staying overnight.2. Centralized rectification measures: Aiming at the problems of garbage littering in a few sections, illegal parking of some vehicles and other non-standard behaviors, we will actively guide street citizens’ awareness of civilization, health and traffic safety by adding signs and signs, and consciously put garbage into boxes and carry vehicles.Especially for the east avenue, road of science and technology, government affairs center, the phenomenon such as vehicle more visitors, supervise and urge relevant responsible units in the right place, respectively set up garbage collection and vehicle parking warmth of sign language and directives, in key sections, such as trash or garbage can set the sign to 30, and add the bin 20.Goal: three, vigorously propaganda propaganda speakers for area residents to buy 10 civilization, shops, construction site, unit for door-to-door publicity, such as issuing publicity materials more than 1000 copies of set up at the gate of the government affairs center “publicity column” lighthouse “, “for district units, enterprises to carry out the comparison operations, do everybody participation, the phenomenon of desired comparison.4. The responsible units have advantages: actively schedule and make reasonable arrangements, and make full use of the advantages of the eight responsible units in the responsible area to transform their responsibilities into work advantages. For example, the traffic police of the public Security Bureau of the responsible units are responsible for the phenomenon of disorderly parking of vehicles and vendors in Dongfang Avenue, Keji Road and Jinshi Road.Jinshi Road, Longquan Road, Dongfang Avenue, a large number of site construction, make full use of the advantages of natural resources bureau, reasonable scheduling, implementation of the site entry and exit road hardening, increase washing equipment, truly civilized construction;In view of the phenomenon of numerous and disorderly piles of historical construction garbage in resettlement sites and self-built housing areas, the professional knowledge of the responsible unit Maojun Reservoir Company is fully utilized to clean and transfer large machinery and equipment in accordance with the national norms, so as to ensure a clean and beautiful appearance.