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March will be over in a flash!The price of natural gas for non-residents in Yinchuan has been adjusted since April 14.On March 31, the reporter learned from the Development and reform Commission of Yinchuan city that from April 1 to October 31, yinchuan city will resume off-season non-residential natural gas sales price, namely the highest sales price of 1.95 yuan/cubic meter.In order to ensure the supply of natural gas in off-season and peak season in Yinchuan city and effectively safeguard the interests of natural gas users, according to the relevant requirements of the national and autonomous region for the price of natural gas in off-season, the sales price of non-residential natural gas in Yinchuan city is now restored, and the maximum sales price is reduced from the current 3.05 yuan/m3 to 1.95 yuan/m3.If the upstream price of natural gas is adjusted and the linkage conditions are met, corresponding adjustments shall be made in accordance with the relevant provisions of the national and autonomous region natural gas price linkage mechanism.The Municipal Development and Reform Commission requires that all natural gas enterprises strictly implement the price policy, publicize the name of the natural gas sold, the unit of measurement and the sales price in the charging hall, and adjust the sales price in a timely manner according to the specified time.Ensure the natural gas needs of residents and downstream enterprises, and maintain the smooth operation of the natural gas market.In addition, the market supervision department should increase the price inspection and inspection, investigate and punish illegal acts such as changing the pricing method, adding links, compulsory services to raise or disguised price and price collusion, and effectively maintain the order of the natural gas market.The pre-registration for the fall 2022 freshman enrollment in Helan County will start on April 1. Registration will be conducted online, so parents are required to prepare in advance.At that time, please log in “Wish enrollment Service Platform” to pre-register.After the pre-registration is successful, parents should pay attention to the follow-up work arrangement according to the text message, so as not to delay the enrollment procedures in autumn.1. Application Target: eligible children at least 6 years of age (born before August 31, 2016, including August 31).Ii. Application time: from 0:00 on April 1, 2022 to 24:00 on April 30, 2022.Note: 1. In order to ensure the smooth registration of freshmen online information, please complete the online information collection work as required.If the operation cannot be completed due to technical reasons, please call 0951-3050002 or 8061421 for consultation.2. Please ensure that the information provided is true and accurate.If any falsification is found in the process of admission verification, students’ admission qualification will be cancelled at their own risk.3. When filling in the “purchase address”, if there are multiple houses in the county, temporarily refer to the “Notice on the Issuance of 2021 Helan County Compulsory Education Stage Enrollment Arrangement Opinions” ((2021) no. 59) in the document of each school enrollment scope, choose to fill in the enrollment intention area corresponding housing address.If any area is adjusted in 2022, the information of new students to be recruited in the adjusted area will be reviewed.4. Those who cannot fill in the information of intended new students on the admission platform within the specified time will be adjusted to the nearest school if the degree of the school in the area is full.03 adjust closure system in ningxia section of the Yellow River in ningxia, fishing for April 1 – July 31 March 30, the reporter learns from the ningxia hui autonomous region agriculture rural hall, for the maintenance of the Yellow River aquatic biological resources, protecting biodiversity, promote the development of ningxia fishery ecological protection and high quality, since April 1, will adjust the closure system in ningxia section of the Yellow River in ningxia.After the adjustment, the fishing ban is from April 1 to July 31.The fishing ban covers the 397-kilometer section of the Yellow River in Ningxia and its drainage channels and other affiliated waters, as well as the Sand Lake Nature Reserve, the National aquatic germplasm resource reserve of unique fish in Xijizhen Lake and the National Aquatic germplasm resource Reserve of Yellow River carp in Yuanzhou section of qingshui River.According to the regulations, all types of fishing operations except “one person, one pole, one hook” are prohibited in the 397-kilometer stretch of the Yellow River in Ningxia, as well as in the river ditches and canals, and all units and individuals are prohibited from purchasing, transporting, storing and selling illegally caught fish on the Yellow River during the fishing ban period.Sand Lake Nature Reserve, Xijizhen Lake unique fish national aquatic Germplasm Resource Reserve and Qingshui River Yellow River carp national aquatic germplasm resource Reserve, all types of fishing operations are prohibited in the core area during the fishing ban.It is reported that the fishing ban by the autonomous region’s agriculture and rural department and the city, county (district) people’s government responsible for the implementation of the organization.No unit or individual may obstruct or delay the work of banning fishing under any pretext.If it is really necessary to harvest the natural fishery resources of the Yellow River for special reasons such as teaching, scientific research, domestication and breeding, the fishing shall be approved by the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Department of the Autonomous Region and shall be conducted within the approved time limit, area and quota.If the fishery resources need to be caught in the above protected areas due to the increase of fishery resources, the fishing area, time, scale and fish species and specifications should be prepared in advance and reported to the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Department of the Autonomous Region.‍ national post