Xiao Yun, a football player from Tangshan, Hebei province, takes part in the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics

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Data diagram.During the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 4, dozens of young people from all over the world walked side by side to the song “Let the World Be filled with Love” as the live broadcast lasted 1 hour, 59 minutes and 56 seconds.”Video photos show the life of people in different parts of the world…”The TV commentator’s voice did not fall, has been watching live in front of the TV tangshan harbor economic Development Zone first primary school fifth grade student Li Bangrui like discovery “new continent” general excited almost jumped up: “Mom, mom, you look!I was at the opening ceremony!”Mother Li Yunyan fixed eyes, the image of the large screen presented on the long roll, a frame of young football players galloping on the field of the huge picture is particularly eye-catching, and the left is the fierce fight for the boy is his baby son.Tangshan football boy Li Bangrui.Almost at the same time, the wechat group of “0910 Elite Soccer Team in Haigang District”, where Li Yunyan and Li Bangrui belong, “exploded” — “the whole world has seen our little player!””Proud of you!”I hope to see you at the Olympics and The World Cup in the future.”…Best wishes from teachers, coaches and parents.Li Remembered that the photo was taken on July 24, 2019.”That day we tangshan Junxian football club players and Xuzhou Jinpu West road primary school football team in tangshan harbour economic development Zone sports center for exchange games.”Li Bangrui proudly told reporters that as a center on the field, he is in the shot of the moment to grab the ball, and then a goal, the final score of the whole team won the game.Soccer boy Li Bangrui is also a fan of ice and snow sports.In the eyes of li Yunyan, her mother, her son is “a football player”. He loves sports since childhood, running fast and jumping high.In the second grade of primary school, my eight-year-old son was selected to the school football team after many rounds of “audition”.And the most let the mother “worry” is that playing football not only does not affect the academic study, but also becomes the motivation of children to strive forward.”In order to ensure the training time, the children consciously improve their study efficiency and focus on homework.From grade two to grade five, my academic performance has always been among the best in my class.Talking about his “cloud” to attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, small Bang Rui obviously has not recovered from the great excitement of god.”My goal is to play well on the premise of not affecting my study, to play in the national team, out of Asia, to the world, to win glory for the country!”Although some small shy, but the child’s tender tone is full of confidence and persistence.According to Zhao Ming, principal of no. 1 Primary School in Tangshan Harbor Economic Development Zone, there are more than 50 professional players like Li.”The school has three little football teams, divided into lower, middle and higher grades. They practice for two hours a day from Tuesday to Friday during after-school service hours.On Saturdays and Sundays, we will have four-hour training outside school and invite professional soccer coaches to teach our young players.Zao Ming told reporters, in addition to cultivating professional small players, school each semester to hold “the campus football festival”, by organizing students to single out a football skills competitions, group cooperation game, football “! Fuck “universal interest, such as football game, at the same time, strengthen students’ physical fitness in fun ways to cultivate students interest, cultivate the campus football culture.”Football starts from a child. As grassroots education workers, we are willing to shoulder our responsibilities and do our best.”Zhao Ming said.(Hebei Daily reporter Tang Runqing)