Yi faces heavy fines from the league, insulting referees and technical tables, throwing the ball in public or a ban

2022-06-19 0 By

Beijing time on March 24, CBA season the third stage of the game already all over, on April 1, 12 into the playoff team will be in nanchang conference playoff race, teams with the first four bye in the first round of match, because this year’s playoffs schedule format of wide, so the game to watch is also a very high-profile,But for the defending champion Guangdong men’s basketball team, this regular season not only did not enter the league semifinals, but also injured ren Junfei and Yi Jianlian in the last few rounds.What’s more, Yi jianlian is likely to face an additional suspension at this point because of his irrational behavior during the match, which also caused a great controversy. Of course, this controversy is also caused by the inaction of hu Ji, the referee no. 48.Yi left the court injured after guillenwalt’s palm collided with yi’s eyebrow bone as he battled for a rebound.But angry but yi jianlian holding the ball has not been to the referee, and take the ball to technology and my eyebrow bone began to rage spray technology, then 48 referee Hu Ji up request, tell yi give the ball to me, yi then spray is very angry: “you take a big ball of P, na, na, I will be the case.”Apparently, the no. 48 referee’s indifference in not calling a foul on Guillenwater, a foreign aid of Shandong men’s basketball team, also angered Yi and made him lose his temper.But yi jianlian this series thundered against spray technology platform, the referee, hit the ball, obviously will bring us a serious punishment, if no accident yi this a series of action is likely to bring their fine + suspension heavy penalties, it’s is a great loss for guangdong men’s basketball team, the first round of the playoffs with the tianjin team is a bitter,If we lose Yi Jianlian, Guangdong men’s basketball team will be more passive, because there is no outside aid in Guangdong men’s basketball team, so Guangdong men’s basketball team will also lose the advantage of inside, tianjin team is also very strong outside, so Du Feng will be more passive.But after all this time penalty actually cause lies in 48 referees Hu Ji, if can immediately call radley walter’s foul, perhaps have a series of yi jianlian ultra move, although say radley walter that a palm collided with yi jianlian eyebrow bone, unable to determine is intentional, but it is true that yi jianlian wounded,Therefore, the referee’s decision is still open to debate, so I hope the referee can reflect on it, of course, Yi Jianlian should also reflect on it.