Yiyang county on the prohibition of fireworks during the Lantern Festival proposal

2022-06-19 0 By

Yiyang County on the Prohibition of fireworks during the Lantern Festival dear citizens friends:Setting off fireworks is one of the traditional customs for people to enhance the atmosphere of festivals, convey joy, and usher in the New Year. However, the setting off of fireworks will emit a large amount of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, heavy metals, organic matter and soot particles into the atmosphere in a short time, leading to the rapid deterioration of air quality.And the fireworks formula design is various, the color of fireworks production, will join magnesium powder, iron powder, aluminum powder, antimony powder and inorganic salt, setting off will significantly influence the chemical composition of atmospheric fine particulate matter, lead to heavy metals and toxic and harmful substances such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons concentration showed significantly increased, to citizen body healthy during the holidays bring huge potential risks.In addition, setting off fireworks will also bring noise pollution, solid waste and other environmental pollution problems, but also easy to cause fire, harm people’s personal safety, resulting in property losses.On the occasion of the Lantern Festival approaching, in order to build “Yiyang blue sky and white clouds beautiful homeland”, advocate low-carbon, environmental protection, healthy lifestyle, we sincerely propose: a, start from their own, do not set off fireworks propagandistic.Through wechat, Weibo, Douyin and other platforms, the public is informed of the dangers of setting off fireworks, actively spreading the new concept of refusing to set off fireworks and advocating a safe, civilized and environmentally friendly life.Let the ban on fireworks become people’s conscious action, condenses the powerful force of protecting the ecological environment, and jointly maintain our beautiful home.Two, from now on, do not set off fireworks practitioner.Start now, start from you and me, do not buy, do not store, do not set off fireworks, choose to hang lanterns, electronic firecrackers, send flowers to each other and other forms of civilization low-carbon environmental protection to celebrate the Lantern Festival.Create a civilized, law-abiding, low-carbon, green and environmentally friendly life style, protect the beautiful and sunny blue sky and white clouds, so that personal happiness in a green and civilized way to benefit people around.Three, start from the people around you, do not set off fireworks guardian.Not only should they lead by example in banning fireworks, but they should also persuade their families, neighbors and relatives to follow the initiative.Please the general public friends dare to say “no” to the behavior of setting off fireworks around, actively discourage and supervise others not to set off fireworks, eliminate the air pollution and harm to health of setting off fireworks.Yiyang is a beautiful home for us to live in, which needs everyone’s participation and common care.We call on citizens to take active action to protect the environment, live a civilized life, and jointly create a peaceful, harmonious and fresh living environment to enjoy a warm and beautiful festival.Wish you all a happy Lantern Festival, a happy family, good health and good luck in everything!Yiyang County Committee propaganda Department Yiyang County Civilization Office February 12, 2022