Chef teaches you to make tiger skin green pepper at home, delicious not greasy, spicy meals to entertain guests face

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Tiger skin green pepper is a very common, very delicious home food, many friends have also eaten, some friends have made at home.So why aren’t the tiger skin chili peppers cooked at home as good as those eaten in restaurants?It is likely that many friends forget to take one step before serving, which leads to the bad taste of tiger skin green pepper.Today, I would like to share with you a restaurant chef to make tiger skin pepper method, so to make tiger skin pepper, taste fresh and tender, spongy but not rotten, very delicious, let’s have a look.1, tiger skin green pepper, so make tiger skin green pepper is very delicious, taste fragrant, taste fresh and tender, cotton but not rotten, let’s prepare tiger skin green pepper need to use cooking ingredients.First prepare 3 to 5 green peppers, eat more to prepare a little more, and then prepare three cloves of garlic, a spoonful of black beans, appropriate cooking oil, a spoonful of oyster sauce, a spoonful of light soy sauce, a spoonful of salt, a spoonful of chicken powder and a small amount of old vinegar.When we’re ready let’s start cooking tiger skin green peppers together.2, let’s take out the ready green pepper, put all the green pepper into a large basin, add the right amount of water, let’s clean the green pepper 1~2 times, be sure to clean the green pepper fully, after cleaning it out of the water, and then put it to the side.When there is almost no water on the surface of the green pepper, let’s go to the next step and pick all the roots of the green pepper.3, after all the green pepper root, let’s use a knife to cut the green pepper into sections, all cut it into the bowl, green pepper has been processed, then let’s deal with other side dishes.Peel the garlic, then scatter it, place it directly on a large plate, and add some fermented black beans.4, the frying pan, wok hot first, and then add the right amount of edible oil in frying pan, then let’s put in pepper section with a shovel press the pepper paragraph, so I can make chili period of heat faster, and heat is more uniform, we drive in the process of making all the small fire, using a shovel in the process of stirring continuously press the chili.5. Press the pepper section with a shovel to make it more heated and cooked more evenly.Stir-fry until the pepper becomes soft and the surface of the pepper looks like a tiger skin. After stir-fry, let’s pour out the pepper section first, and then put it on the plate for later use. Once again, add an appropriate amount of cooking oil to the pot and stir fry the ingredients.6, then put the fried green pepper section, add the appropriate amount of light soy sauce, oyster sauce, a tablespoon of salt, and then add the appropriate amount of chicken essence to stir fry, and then add the appropriate amount of water, turn the heat on the pepper for a while, so that the pepper is easier to taste, and then pour the appropriate amount of vinegar from the pot side before the pot.A lot of friends don’t do this, so it can really affect the texture.Stir them well, then we can plate them and serve.1. Don’t make the pepper too big. Too big will easily affect the taste and taste.2, try to beat the garlic scattered, so that the taste will be better.Ok, that’s all for today’s food. Welcome to Uncle Food, where you can find healthy and delicious recipes, cooking tips and making cooking really easy!Like friends can give me a free praise, thank you for your support!This article by “uncle food” original production, without permission, plagiarism is strictly prohibited, thank you for your cooperation!