Hunan young special committee leadership held party history study education thematic democratic life

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On January 25, the meeting shaoyang cloud client inquiry (correspondent Easy to small towns Gao Rong bo) on January 24th, infant normal college party committee leadership specialized Democratic Party history study education and life, the meeting focused “vigorously carry forward the great spirit of the founding, stick to and develop the party’s one hundred years struggle history, firm confidence, history practice era mission,We have the courage to take responsibility and unite and lead the people on a new road to the exam. We have been problem-oriented, focused on finding gaps and weaknesses, examined problems deeply, analyzed the root causes, and clarified the direction of our efforts and rectification measures.Xie Jingfeng, secretary of the Party Committee of the school, presided over the meeting and made a summary speech.The meeting was presided over by Xie Jingfeng, secretary of the Party Committee of the University and made a summary speech. All members of the Party Committee attended the meeting.School party history study education leading group office, party and government offices, organs responsible for the party committee.The Party Committee of the university takes the special democratic life as a major political task, organizes it carefully and makes solid preparations for the early stage.Prior to the meeting, study history of the party school education leading group issued a special notice, issued by the relevant information, ask all the team members to seriously self-study, theory group party committee to carry out the project learning and focused discussion, group members strictly in accordance with the requirements of the “four will talk about”, work hard to talk to talk, widely listen to advice, carefully written examination analysis material,This will lay a good foundation for opening a good thematic democratic life.At the meeting, Xie jingfeng on behalf of the school party committee team to carry out a comparative inspection, take the lead to carry out personal inspection, take the initiative to accept criticism.The group members contacted their respective work and personal thought, one by one to make a comparative examination, and carried out criticism and self-criticism.We did not shy away from or hide from the problems facing ourselves and other comrades. We were frank and straightforward, addressing the real problems, demonstrating the self-revolution spirit of turning the knife inward.Through criticism and self-criticism, the goal of unifying thought, enhancing unity, gathering strength and improving work has been achieved.Municipal party committee party history the first ten steering group deputy leader of tour education learning xiao-hua tang comments in municipal party committee party history the first ten steering group deputy leader of tour education learning xiao-hua tang after listen to everyone’s speech pointed out that hunan special young party committee organized group party history study special democratic life education thought clear, clear theme, obvious effect, members of the team spirit is good, can, responsibilities and work place himself in,It is a practice of serious, democratic, united and pragmatic intraparty political life.The Party Committee of the university attaches great importance to the holding of special democratic life and makes solid and sufficient preparations before the meeting.The team members carry forward the self-revolutionary spirit of the blade inward, and investigate the problems seriously and deeply;Self-criticism comes straight to the point, mutual criticism is objective and to the point, and the rectification measures are concrete and realistic, achieving the expected goal.The steering group put forward specific suggestions on the next step of work.It is hoped that the leadership of the university will draw wisdom and strength from the century-long struggle of the Party, continue to strengthen the self-improvement of the Party committees, and continue to study and implement the spirit of the sixth plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee and the spirit of the 12th Provincial and municipal Party Congress.Conscientiously sum up the successful experience of the school in the study and education of party history, better grasp and use the historical experience of the Party’s centennial struggle, and lead the study and education of Party history into depth;With a strong sense of political responsibility and a sense of mission of The Times, the members of the leading group should carry forward the Party’s glorious tradition and fine style of work, conscientiously perform their duties and fulfill their duties, stick to a problem-oriented approach, and earnestly implement general Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions and the decisions and plans of the CPC Central Committee.Xie Jingfeng commented on behalf of the party committee for speech, said it would accept the criticism and the opinion, after the meeting for the collection of related materials, at the same time for the meeting soliciting the opinions of the suggestion and the question ZhaBai out at the meeting to list the issues list, make improvement scheme, detailed corrective actions, clear improvement deadline, carry out seriously, adhere to the rectification and promote development.Persisting in the combination of “immediate reform” and “long-term reform”, we will further improve rules and regulations and make up for weak points.The members of each group should think and work together, strengthen responsibility and work together, face up to the problems existing in the school, and make great efforts to solve the difficulties encountered in the development of the school.To unify thoughts, coagulation hearts meet force, strengthen confidence, overcome difficult, solidarity and led the entire school teachers and students staff work together to promote the development of school each enterprise, high quality, for the full implementation of “four new” strategic positioning and mission, has a young staff contribution to the construction of modern new hunan, take concrete actions to meet the party’s great victory at 20.