IW Masters first half second round overview: Natto Xi xi narrowly escaped danger

2022-06-20 0 By

Yesterday, Indian Wells masters men’s singles in the first half of the second round full play, let us take a look at the full results.Medvedev 6-3, 6-2 Marchak It was the new World No. 1’s first match since becoming the world’s no. 1, and he easily walked away with a straight sets victory.The French player continued his fine form this season with a comfortable two-set win over the former Paris Masters runner-up.The two seeded players will meet in the next round.Alcalas 6-3/6-3 MacDonald the competition between the two young players ended in a resounding victory for the Spaniard.Next round, he will wait for his elder brother, the “third brother” Agut.The Doha champion faced stiff resistance from Wolff and needed three sets and two tie-breaks to win the final.The defending champion beat Spain’s Roberto Martinez in two identical sets and will meet his opponent in last year’s final, bearded Georgian Roberto Bacilashvili, in the next round.The latter received the Italian veteran’s retirement gift.Brooks by 6-0/6-3 Kazanov a surprising score!Khachanov, who should have been making a comeback, was pummeled by last year’s best new artist winner, Brooksby.The waves behind the Yangtze river push on the waves before!The Sisipas 7-6/3-6/7-6 Sok no. 5 seed was almost upset, but just managed to get through.In the tiebreak of the deciding set, he won four points in a row from 3-5 down.While the Greeks eliminated one American, they will face another American in the next round.The American giant also won more easily, even against an already established Italian.Shapovalov cost a lot of trouble, first win win reverse elimination of Spain.Sinna 6-3/6-3 Jere Bonzi 6-3/6-4 Sonigo proved lacking on hard courts as the Italian Derby failed to go through.Rafael Nadal will need to keep his spirits up against Evans in such form.Kyrgios 6-2/6-2 Delbonis Rud 7-6/6-2 O ‘Banks in the next round of the most watched matchup, see how the two fight from the sidelines to the court!Find out more