1.30 Financial news morning bus

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1. China’s caixin manufacturing PMI came in at 49.1 in January, versus expectations of 50.4.2. China Wuzhan Steel Logistics Professional Committee: In January, the steel and steel industry achieved a good start, steel production and procurement activities increased, enterprise expectations are more optimistic, winter storage demand has been released, steel inventory overall increase, the market price is relatively stable.But the overall market demand is still insufficient, raw material prices in the short term also rose quickly.In February, steel production is expected to decline, demand tends to improve, prices have a certain pick up space.3. National Bureau of Statistics: The economy got off to a stable start in January 2022, and enterprise production remained stable.4. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: In 2021, the added value of the machinery industry will increase by 10% and the profit will increase by 7.6%.1. China’s central bank today launched Rmb100bn in 14-day reverse repos at a rate of 2.25 per cent, unchanged from the previous level.6. 8.2 million migrant workers in Zhejiang have enjoyed a secure lunar New Year thanks to digital wage control.7. Everbright Securities: Excessive pessimism is expected to recover.8. Production capacity has been released, and it is expected that the price of silicon material will continue to fall in 2022.9. Citic Construction Investment: Remain patient and focused, waiting for market sentiment to repair.This year’s box office is expected to hit a record high of $8.5 billion.11. The “flat” sales of liquor during the Spring Festival of 2022 were down by more than 50%.12. China Consumers’ Association: Complaints related to new energy vehicles will increase significantly in 2021.