Fan Kexin was awarded 1 million!Is this inspirational story or “Fan Jin zhong Ju”?

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Recently, athlete Fan Kexin and his teammates won the gold medal, which caused a lot of discussion.Fan’s family was crowded and he was awarded 1 million yuan.Fan Kexin’s family was poor when she was young. Her father was just an ordinary shoemaker. Fan used to like dancing when she was young, but she gave up dancing for fear that it would cost a lot of money.After Fan Kexin began to practice skating, her father even could not afford to buy her a new pair of skates, but could only buy her a pair of second-hand skates. Fan Kexin was especially sensible when she was a child, of course, she was also very diligent, coupled with a good talent, Fan Kexin finally won the Gold medal in the Olympic Games, realizing a fundamental change in her life.After understanding fan Kexin’s inspirational story, some people may associate with our middle and high school had a text “Fan Jin zhong Ju”, Fan Jin was in a panic before the middle, his family and people around him looked down on him, his father-in-law is Shouting to Fan Jin, Fan Jin is particularly afraid of this father-in-law.Every Fan Jin zhongju, the father-in-law Hu butcher immediately changed a mouth face, mouth said is: zhongju is the heaven of the song star, his father-in-law one before one after the difference makes people giggly.In fact, in the opinion of xiaobian, this is two different things, in fact, Fan Kexin has been a little famous before winning the championship, but the bad luck has not been particularly famous, this is one shot to fame.In addition, before Fan Kexin won the championship, the people around her are very caring for her. Her parents have always been proud of her, no matter before or after she became famous. The people around Fan Kexin are also very caring for her and very supportive of her skating career.Of course, Fan Kexin won the championship, won the honor for the country, reward 1 million fan Kexin is deserved.In my opinion, one’s income should be proportional to his hard work and contribution. Fan Kexin has made a great contribution, and the reward of 1 million yuan to her is also deserved. No one should say anything.I especially admire Fan Kexin, we should see fan Kexin these years silently pay the sweat, should see these years her tenacity, her persistence, her pay.It can be said that in order to skate, Fan Kexin’s efforts are very great, often can’t go home to spend the Spring Festival with her parents, while others are resting and entertaining, she keeps on practicing and paying, such a person deserves to win the championship, deserves to get rewards.Fan Kexin’s growth is a good example of inspiration, many of us ordinary people always feel that people around them look down on themselves, you do not try to change, you are sinking, how to let others look up to yourself.In the opinion of xiaobian, we should learn fan Kexin’s indomitable will, the spirit of hard training, this is what we need to do.If you are a butterfly, instead of complaining that people around you look down on you, it is better to change yourself and make others look up to you with new eyes.People don’t three days when shaving each other, if you do not change their courage, really do not blame others look at you.Xiaobian, I have always insisted on making money by writing articles for “we media”. Thanks to the support of my fans and friends over the years, my income is basically ok. As a woman, I have to rely on myself.I am just girl have yan, a long also like to write articles northeast girl, if you like ME can pay attention to me, can also be private letter to me, I hope we can become friends in the future.Statement: the article is only girl yan original, such as plagiarism, draft washing behavior will be investigated for responsibility according to law.Pictures from the network, if there is infringement please contact delete.