Jim technology fell 7.31% Shenyin wanguo security high call to buy

2022-06-21 0 By

China Economic Network Beijing, February 8 — Today, Jim Technology (688696.SH) shares fell, as of the close at 513.05 yuan, down 7.31%, turnover of 236 million yuan, amplitude 9.02%, turnover rate 4.16%, the total market value of 25.652 billion yuan.On June 28, 2021, Jimi Technology set an intraday high of 883.78 yuan since its listing.On June 29, 2021, Xu Ruixiao, a researcher of Shanghai Shenyin Wanguo Securities Research Institute Co., LTD., published a review of gemi Technology (688696), a research newspaper:Light machine research + product price increase to drive growth “said that the company in 2021H1 performance significantly increased mainly because the company in 2021 half year product market performance is good, sales maintain growth, driving revenue growth;At the same time, the company’s product self-polishing probability and product pricing strategy to improve gross margin.The company is the pioneer and leader of intelligent projector, with the promotion of domestic high-end products, the gradual improvement of overseas product matrix and channels, is expected to further boost performance growth, maintain profit forecast, is expected to 2021-2023 net profit of 492/728/991 million yuan, corresponding to PE 88/60/44 times, maintain “buy” rating.June 30, 2021, An Xin Securities Co., LTD. Researcher Zhang Lisong released research report “Ji Mi Technology (688696) : Q2 single quarter performance to maintain high growth trend” said, 2021H1 company to achieve performance of 190 million yuan, YoY+94.2%;Translated Q2 single quarter achieved a performance of 994.53 million yuan, YoY+84.0%.The company’s domestic and foreign sales at the same time, driving the rapid growth of income.Gemi is the leader of the projector industry in China. The company’s products and channels are constantly optimized and its profitability is constantly improving.At the same time, the company is intensifying efforts to expand overseas markets and is expected to achieve rapid growth in the industry dividend period.The company is expected to 2021 ~2023 EPS of 9.89/15.53/25.44 yuan, maintain buy -A investment rating.