Mocha DHT is currently priced at 187,800 yuan, half the purchase tax

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This month the car customers purchase tax mocha DHT limited places a fifty percent discount First first, the courtesy 一·5 years based maintenance free, free lifetime warranty, engine, transmission / 5 years 150000 kilometers of vehicle quality assurance note: (1) : “a” the courtesy, free maintenance and engine, gearbox free warranty is limited to the first owners enjoy (2) :The first and second warranty shall be provided free of charge according to the maintenance table items in the instruction Manual. The third and subsequent maintenance shall only be provided free of charge (oil, machine filter and working hours).If the owner of the driving license/motor vehicle registration license is an entity or the nature of use is stated as “operation”, he/she can only enjoy the special treatment of 3-year / 100,000km vehicle quality guarantee ii.Including intelligent navigation, intelligent voice, OTA online upgrade, SOS emergency rescue, personalized intelligence, situational intelligence, etc.Including remote control, security monitoring, remote diagnosis special adjustment courtesy three · To high 36 0 interest, up to high 7,000 yuan replacement subsidy • Free second-hand car evaluation, quick recovery of your car, provide transfer services, the whole process without worry plus replacement subsidy 7,000 yuan;• Old customers introduce new customers, buy cars successfully, old customers get basic maintenance twice or fuel card (choose one of two);Sales, finance, insurance, claims, maintenance and other one-stop service note: the above activities are only for online consulting car customers, quickly call us!We will be at No.30, Jiayun Road, Lugu Street, Yuelu District, Changsha, Hunan province from April 6, 2022 to April 6, 2022