Once the first chain giant in China, it lost 42.3 billion yuan a year and “cheated” 300,000 investors

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On the evening of January 28, Suning Tesco Group officially announced its 2021 performance forecast.According to the company’s announcement, Suning Is expected to post a net profit loss of 42.3 billion yuan to 43.3 billion yuan in the reporting period, down 912.94% to 889.54% compared to 2020.As for the reason for suning Shopping’s huge loss in 2021, the author thinks that the company has not walked out of the capital chain crisis in 2020.The fact that Suning had pledged its stake to Alibaba in 2020, and the company’s subsequent financial reports, shed light on the huge debt pile the retail giant had been trying to hide.For a time, there were even rumors on the Internet that Suning Was about to declare bankruptcy.Although the company immediately stated that “bankruptcy” is a rumor, but this can still reflect that suning Tesco’s situation is very not optimistic.The continued burden of debt will prevent Suning from operating normally in 2021.In the 2021 forecast, Suning also said that since June 2021, the company has experienced a serious shortage of goods inventory and a significant decline in sales and purchasing scale.As a result, the operating profit declined sharply. In addition, Suning Shopping also suffered from investment losses. In a word, Suning Shopping is in a worrying situation.The capital market will naturally give the most direct feedback to such an industry giant that may explode at any time.According to the public data of the stock market, as early as November 2021, the share price of Suning Tesco fell as much as 51%, and the total market value of Suning Was nearly 40 billion yuan, almost halved.From the stock price point of view, suning Shopping last appeared such a low share value, or 15 years ago.With its share price falling back 15 years, it is no wonder that many people believe rumours that Suning is about to declare bankruptcy.It should be noted that Suning’s fall from the pedestal not only has a great impact on itself, but also has severely damaged nearly 300,000 investors. Moreover, these investors are the shareholders left over from the great storm of 2015 to the third quarter of 2021.For suning tesco from sheng to decline, perhaps this part of the shareholders and many consumers concerned about Suning feel confused.Why did China’s retail giant, which was on fire all over the country, suddenly find itself in a financial crisis?Before suning was unveiled, the company was the king of bricks-and-mortar retail and was expanding aggressively into online channels.At the same time, Suning Also launched a comprehensive deployment of its logistics business, and the whole enterprise is heading for the new retail track.In order to demonstrate its strength, Suning Has also made commercial acquisitions of Carrefour China and Wanda Store, which is widely regarded as a pioneer in the new retail industry.And the reason why the company will suddenly expose serious capital problems, I think there are two main reasons.On the one hand, the transformation of Suning Is not complete.In recent years, although Suning Yikou has invested a lot in online channel expansion, it has not really achieved breakthrough results.As far as the current status is concerned, Suning still relies on jingdong and Taobao for traffic entry, and the user base of Suning Shopping APP is not large.What the “store-in-store” model creates is only the appearance of Suning Shopping going deep online, while the real focus of Suning Shopping is still offline.On the other hand, the failure of suning Group’s cross-border investment has led to high pressure on the company’s cash flow.Before the performance thunderbolt, Suning’s financial situation was not actually healthy.According to the author, in order to expand its volume, Suning began to make cross-border investment as early as 2012 and rapidly expanded its business to all walks of life, such as logistics, audio-visual, live broadcasting and mobile phones.For example, PPTV, Tiantian Express, Smartisan mobile phone, etc., are all favored enterprises by Suning, but these enterprises without exception, become cannon fodder of the development of The Times, suning’s vision is really bad.In addition, Suning group is very committed to the sports business and has invested a lot of money in football clubs.These cross-border investments consumed too many resources of Suning Group, but did not bring practical and long-term benefits for Suning.Therefore, the capital chain of Suning Group was overwhelmed. In desperation, Zhang Jindong finally pledged the equity of Suning Holding Group to Taobao in December 2020.Finally, in 2021, after the true situation of Suning was exposed, Zhang Jindong chose to resign as chairman of Suning In July of that year.Since then, Suning Group zhang Jindong era officially ended.But with The release of Mr Huang, gome, Mr Suning’s old rival, is entering a new phase.Huang Guangyu may have missed a lot in prison, but in the face of the current Suning Group and Suning Shopping, I think Gome has the opportunity and possibility to turn over.In the face of gome’s new round of retail attack, suning Tesco, the former retail giant, will go in the future, we wait and see.