The amazing antique copy

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Mild mountains soft water myriad, less than your eyebrows half.Thousands of mountains and rivers when foreshadowing, always encounter SAN Yan to late you.I and the spring breeze are passing, you carry the autumn water to the stars.The first glimpse is a surprise, the reunion is unexpected, the iron horse is you, the glacier is you.Half of the cloth, two two sake, lucky, the four seasons have you.The long life of the shark candle does not extinguish, the deep sea but lives the dream time.The mountains have trees, I see you intend, the stars last night are just like you.What in the world is the most easy to urge young old, half is the heart of the accumulation of frost, half is a shadow.Long street, fireworks fan, you look back, short pavilion short, the world of mortals, I put xiao sigh.Falling morning star, oblique rain bamboo forest, are not as moving as the girl’s eyes and eyebrows.I am a melancholy visitor to the world, and I know your tears.Around the mountains and rivers strewn at random, only to find you are the fireworks in the world.Flowers bloom all over the city for you, three thousand lights for you.Tianshan snow, into the earthly rain, Dan furnace smoke, the original is the smoke of human cooking.Tea mi open, flower matter, flower about late, early wind letter, elegance as smoke, beauty sajna spring old.Yellow shirt flying white horse, day brothel, three thousand prosperous, the moment, one hundred years later, but a handful of yellow sand.