Time passes like water

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Into old age, in the face of life and death, line to longevity, heart to life.In old age, seek medical advice and be calm in the face of disease.Into old age, in the face of money, the line to loose money, the heart to frugal.Into old age, in the face of health, the line should be enthusiastic, the heart should be positive.Into old age, in the face of state, line should be concerned, the heart should be cautious and steady.Into old age, in the face of domestic affairs, to help, heart to let go.Into old age, in the face of children, line to communicate, the heart to tolerate.When you grow old, you should receive and be kind to your old friends.In old age, we should learn from experience and let go.Into old age, in the face of injustice, to fight for, the heart to calm.Into old age, in the face of problems, line to conquer, heart to calm.In old age, in the face of showing off, do smile, do not fight.Life is short and time flies.People in this life, or success, or failure;Or joy, or sorrow, are all fleeting clouds and smoke, gone forever.Strong music, indifferent people escape.Evil begets evil, and good begets good.The vile perish, the noble forever.The sixth day of the first month, I wish you 66 shun ~ these two kinds of taste of fart, or gastroenteric disease early warning ~ I again filial piety, it is difficult to fill mom’s lonely editor: Snow Jiaolong Business: 13329518266, 17597366160 Email: lnrb100@sina.com copyright Statement:Respect intellectual property rights, Copyrights belong to original authors, articles originated from authorized authors or networks.Network other material can not verify the author, if there is infringement, the original author please contact us to give publicity or delete processing.