A regional nucleic acid test was carried out in Aihui District of Heihe on June 6

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On February 6, heihe love xinhui area to will be coronavirus pneumonia outbreak work leading group command tribal area nucleic acid detection of announcement: to keep the COVID – 19 epidemic prevention and control work, love xinhui district epidemic prevention and control command decision within the scope of the city to carry out a new round of regional nucleic acid testing work, the related matters notice is as follows:Sampling Time and Place The sampling time of nucleic acid test in this region is from 14:00 to 20:00 on February 6.The specific sampling time and location shall be notified and arranged by the street (community) and relevant units.Ii. Test objects: all residents in Aihui District.1. The Implementation of “Longjiang Health Code” code allocation management, those who do not participate in the nucleic acid test will be adjusted to “yellow code”, “yellow code” personnel will be restricted access to drugstores, supermarkets and other relevant public places, the general public is requested to participate in nucleic acid test in time as required.2. During the nucleic acid collection period, please keep the community staff relatively stable, reduce the flow, and collect on site.Household sampling was carried out for key groups, and sampling was carried out for other groups at different peak times to designated places.All people who live and work outside the community are included in the detection range. Residents are requested to participate in nucleic acid collection at the designated time and place of the community. Those who fail to participate in nucleic acid collection at the designated time of the community are requested to communicate with the community in time, and the community will arrange to collect nucleic acid at the designated place.3. Before participating in the sampling, please bring your ID card (household registration book) and mobile phone that can show your Longjiang Health code.To wear the mask correctly, press the metal strip on both sides of the nose so that the top of the mask is attached to the bridge of the nose.4. Video surveillance systems have been installed at each collection point. Please pay attention to your manners and keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters between people.5. When sampling, scan id card or Longjiang Health code first, hold ID card or mobile phone in both hands on the chest, accept the scanning, ensure that “one person with one code” or “one person with one card”, those without health code or ID card, hold the household register and enter their ID card number.Do not contact the person collecting the id card or mobile phone, do not put it on the desk, to avoid cross infection.6. After the front subject has finished sampling, put on the mask, and the medical staff takes out the cotton swab, the people in the back take off the mask quickly, tilt back their head, open their mouth wide, and cooperate with the staff for collection. Put on the mask immediately after collection.7. After returning home, follow the seven-step method of hand hygiene to prevent and reduce the spread of the virus.8. Nucleic acid test results can be queried through the wechat Longjiang Health code mini program. Residents are advised not to go to crowded public places until the nucleic acid test results are obtained.9. People included in nucleic acid testing do not participate in the unified nucleic acid testing, causing influence or consequences;In the process of nucleic acid testing and sampling, those who refuse to cooperate, obey instructions or support nucleic acid collection, or who conceal, falsely report or forge information to disturb the order, shall be investigated for legal responsibility by the public security organ according to the circumstances of the case.Copyright: Reproduced in any form without permission is prohibited