China’s first gold medal

2022-06-22 0 By

The above information is provided by Suzhou Wuyue Plaza, Xincheng Holding Group.For more highlights, see the promotion of shopping malls.Welcome to Suzhou Wuyue Plaza.Just now, China won the first gold medal for the Chinese sports delegation at the Beijing Winter Olympics by winning the gold medal in the 2000-meter mixed team short-track speed skating relay final.Congratulations!Source: People’s Daily client production: Yue Yuan, Wang Qiongqiong, Cui Xiuhai Review: Pan Yunran, Yang Yongqi, Zhu Hongjuan contributed email: urgent reminder!Today and tomorrow!The 77th Olympic torch bearer is Xu Qijin!As it happens!All today!If the miracle has a color, it must be Chinese red!Emergency search for persons about our wechat public number Suzhou Radio and Television wechat public number Suzhou news wechat video number, website Suzhou Radio and Television video number Suzhou news network with you find more different ~