Emergency operation. Nine hours to wipe the Yangtze River

2022-06-22 0 By

“I didn’t expect the water to clear so quickly. It’s really efficient!”Recently, the fifth branch of Chongqing Procuratorate, Yuzhong District procuratorate prosecutors again came to a bank of the Yangtze River to carry out “look back”, the clear river water calm flowing, nearby residents repeatedly praise.Just before the Spring Festival, it was a different story.”There is a large area of the Yangtze river polluted near here. Come and have a look!”At 8:50 on January 26, an enthusiastic public to yuzhong District prosecutor Wu Qixuan called.After receiving the tip, Wu and his colleagues rushed to the scene and found nearly 2 square kilometers of the river contaminated under a construction site in the middle of the Yangtze River and Chongqing.”Where is the source of pollution?”Prosecutors along the river bank serious investigation, finally in the vicinity of the site to see clues, preliminary judgment of this pollution incident related to construction, then the first time contact relevant departments and construction units.Local environmental protection law enforcement detachment and water quality monitoring personnel rushed to the scene, to the polluted water quality detection, prosecutors are in the construction unit’s cooperation, carefully looking for specific pollution sources.Soon, surveillance at the site confirmed the initial speculation.Originally, a concrete tank truck after the completion of the operation, illegal use of the nearby site faucet flushing tank and tank concrete, resulting in concrete sewage straight into the Yangtze River.”It is imperative that urgent measures be taken to prevent further deterioration.”Therefore, Yuzhong District Procuratorate immediately started the public interest litigation of environmental pollution cases before the consultation procedure, and the environmental protection department, the construction unit held an emergency meeting to study the rectification plan.At 1 PM on January 26, the construction ship was dispatched to the polluted water and began decontamination operations methodically.One hour, two hours, three hours…The originally dirty water gradually became clear, from receiving the report to the disposal, the handling of the environmental pollution case only in 9 hours.(Man Ning, Chen Lin, Gong Hairong, Procuratorial Daily)