Fight the epidemic strong ability to forge style to solve people’s worries | a help wechat hope to urgent medicine

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A help wechat look forward to urgent medicine anyang media reporter Li Hui, “my father is seriously ill, can not buy urgent medicine, did not expect a help wechat to solve the trouble, all thanks to our public officials, must thank him for me.”January 23, get urgent medicine in Feifei (pseudonym) excitedly said.Yu Feifei, who lives in Chengguan Town of Tangyin County, due to her father’s esophageal cancer, is in urgent need of buying two boxes of targeted drug Anluoinib capsules from Anyang Tumor hospital “Sinopharm holding pharmacy”.However, due to the lockdown, although doctors have signed the application, they cannot go to the city to buy.To understand this situation, Tangyin County market supervision administration responsible for the masses to buy medicine to ensure the work of the relevant comrades through wechat is home isolation of the city market supervision comprehensive administrative law enforcement team deputy captain Weng Xianxue for help.”Anlotinib is a new targeted drug for advanced cancer, which is usually sold only by the municipal cancer hospital in our city.People must be worried because they can’t buy medicine during the epidemic.”Weng Xianxue recalls.At 22:35 on January 22, he received a call from his colleague on wechat for help. He immediately called back to understand in detail what the patient needed to buy and made a detailed record.Early the next morning, he immediately contacted the head of Sinopharm Anyang Co., Ltd. to communicate about the delivery of drugs to the epidemic containment area.After receiving the call, Sinopharm Anyang Co., Ltd. attached great importance to it, contacted the patient’s family immediately, and sent a special person and car to deliver the drugs needed by the patient.Through many efforts, 10 o ‘clock that day, Yu Feifei received his father’s urgent medication.”Fighting the epidemic, strong ability, forging style, solve people’s worries, the more serious the epidemic, the more test party members and cadres to the masses of the sincerity, true feelings, service ‘non-stop’, law enforcement ‘uninterrupted’, guarantee ‘not off line’, to help the masses to solve the problem is a market supervision executive should do their duty.”Hear colleagues to convey Yu Feifei’s thanks, Weng Xianxue said.