Fox the tiger!UK creates tension everywhere, 3 moves or 2 signals

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These days, The U.K. is following the U.S. to create tension in the region through media.The three cases drew global attention and were criticized by the countries concerned.Russia’s Sputnik news agency reported on January 24 that after the United States announced it would withdraw some of its diplomatic staff in Ukraine, the British side has started to move, and relevant staff of the British Embassy in Ukraine are preparing to leave.In a travel advisory, the UK advised against all but emergency travel to Ukraine in the near future as some embassy staff and their families prepare to leave Kiev because of the growing threat from Russia, sources said.However, the British embassy in Ukraine remained open and continued to operate.On The 23rd, the United States was the first to announce the withdrawal of its diplomatic staff from Ukraine.A day later, the U.K. announced the same thing.Recently, the situation between Russia and Ukraine has been heating up.In these circumstances, the United States and The United Kingdom, one after another, are issuing these announcements to their own people, which generally means that the situation on the ground is so dangerous that war is imminent.But is this the case?Unexpectedly, he was soon slapped in the face by the EU foreign minister.On Jan. 24, Henrik Borrell, the EU’s high representative for foreign affairs and security Policy, said that EU diplomats would not leave Ukraine and that there was no need to play up tensions while negotiations were ongoing.He said U.S. Secretary of State Blinken should explain the move.Not only that, but the UK is spreading “bad news” about Russia.Incident 2, which Russia accused of supporting “Pro-Russian” politicians in Ukraine.On January 24, a statement made by the British Foreign Office was exposed by the media, which was strongly condemned by The Russian side.Recently, the British Foreign Office is said to have issued a statement, based on the country’s intelligence assessment, Russia is in contact with certain Politicians in Ukraine, trying to cultivate some of the Pro-Russian personnel, with the aim of cultivating pro-russian politicians in order to gain control of the Ukrainian government.Elizabeth Truss, the British Foreign Secretary, pointed out that Russia’s move is undoubtedly aimed at topple the Ukrainian government, and urged and warned Russia: it should use diplomatic channels to de-escalate the situation as soon as possible, otherwise any military intervention in Ukraine, Russia will pay a huge price.So, the British side of the alleged recipients, including Ukraine’s former mp Yevgen Murayev.When interviewed by the media, Murayev laughed and said it was a joke.For the British Foreign Office’s view, was condemned by the Russian Foreign Ministry.The Russian side said that the British claim was fabricated and claimed that the Ukrainian politician whom the British side was “propped up” by Russia was a man who had been subject to Russian sanctions since 2018.Russian foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, more pointedly said that this is false news, the UK is no doubt doing so to fan the flames of the Russian-Ukrainian situation.In addition to creating tensions on the Russian-Ukrainian border, Britain is also pointing its finger at Asia.Event 3: The British foreign Secretary was severely criticized by the former Australian prime minister for playing up the Asian threat.Recently, the “2+2” talks between Britain and Australia were held in Australia.British Foreign Secretary Mark Truss and Defence Secretary David Wallace kept making “crazy” remarks during their talks.In a recent interview with Australian media, Truss issued a stern warning to the Asian power that it could act aggressively in the Indo-Pacific region at the same time as Russia “invades” Ukraine, the Australian reported.At the same time, she stressed that such a possibility could not be ruled out because of growing concern in the West over Russia’s recent closer cooperation with Asian powers.Former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating slammed Foreign Secretary Truss’s comments.Keating described Truss’s comments as bordering on madness, as irrational and unhinged.Keating also bluntly noted that Britain, which had withdrawn from East Asia in 1904 and had never returned, had no place in the region.So he advised Truss to abandon her “paranoia” and return to her scandalous British government.There are no small things in diplomacy.What is the UK trying to do by fanning the flames?At least two signals are emitted.Signal # 1: colluding with the US to create regional tensions to advance their own interests.There was a time when Britain, too, was the world’s hegemon and welcomed by its younger brothers.Now, Britain can only follow America’s lead and beat its drum.The situation between Russia and Ukraine was initially calm, there was no Russian invasion of Ukraine.NATO troops could be deployed into Ukraine or eastern Russia under the guise of successive American and British fanning.As a result, Russia’s security was so threatened that it had to pull its troops closer to Ukraine.As a result, the situation between Russia and Ukraine is heating up to the point of imminent confrontation.Now the UK is following the US in spreading the word that it is pulling out of its embassy in Ukraine, orchestrating a Russian script for fostering Pro-Russian figures and even directing the fire to Asia.Of course, the US and The UK are fanning the flames everywhere to avoid chaos, just to take advantage of the chaos for their own gain.Signal 2: The British government is in crisis and trying to deflate domestic contradictions.Mr Johnson’s government has been under siege lately.Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been criticized not only by his opponents but also by some in Britain’s ruling Conservative Party for his resignation.Britain is more vocal in its discontent with Johnson’s government.Now Mr Johnson’s premiership is in jeopardy.In order to remain prime minister and divert the domestic crisis, he tried to use diplomacy to attract attention and distract the domestic public, so as to buy time for Johnson to resolve the situation.If you want to stir up trouble, you have to pick hot issues. The current situation between Russia and Ukraine and the threat in Asia can attract the most attention.In the final analysis, the competition between countries in the region depends on strength.Britain has long been one of the second-rate countries in the world, and now it has to ride America’s bluff to make itself feel emboldened.But Britain will pay for its misdeeds sooner or later.