Tens of thousands of buses in Beijing broadcast the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, leaving commuters without their mobile phones

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On the evening of February 4, the Beijing Winter Olympics opened with a grand ceremony.The reporter found that the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics was broadcast in real time on the on-board mobile TV of the Beijing bus. The “people on The way” also shared the exciting Olympic moment on the bus and helped the Winter Olympics together.At 8 o ‘clock in the evening, bus No. 1 pulled out of Sihui Hub station. The live broadcast of the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics on the mobile TV screen caught everyone’s attention.They put down their mobile phones to witness the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics with the audience.”It was wonderful, it was amazing!”Liang Huan, 28, was on the bus to her night shift, staring at the screen for fear of missing every detail.”The opening video of the 24 solar terms was really beautiful. The five rings rising and breaking through the ice was so shocking that I wanted to watch every frame carefully.What impressed me most was the moment under the Yellow River, which was creative and three-dimensional.It is really magnificent, revealing the style and characteristics of a big country everywhere.”Liang Huan excitedly said: “tomorrow the Winter Olympic Games will start in full swing, I hope the Chinese athletes come on.”Likewise, Jin Shaoai, who just got on a bus from work near the World Trade Center, was excited to see the opening ceremony.”I thought I would miss the live broadcast when I got home, but I was surprised to see the opening ceremony on the mobile TV of the bus.””I thought the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games were incomparable,” jin said. “Fourteen years later, the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics is still incomparable. I feel the country is more powerful, the people are more confident and I am proud of my country.”On the bus, there is a bus in uniform “passengers”, he is just off work 363 road driver Meng Qingwei.Seeing the five-star red flag rising on the screen, he quickly took out his mobile phone to record the sacred moment.”The opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics is a luxurious audio-visual feast, more wonderful than expected.”Mr. Meng has been driving No.363 for more than 10 years. This Spring Festival, he has been sticking to his job.”There are many colleagues around me who have participated in the service guarantee of the Winter Olympics. I am proud of them, but AT the same time, I drive every bus well, so that every passenger can feel the warmth from Beijing’s public transport, and contribute to Beijing and the Winter Olympics in my own way.”It is understood that on the night of February 4, the city has more than 600 lines, more than 10,000 buses, nearly 20,000 screens to broadcast the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, citizens in the bus at the same time, together to witness the exciting moment of the Winter Olympics.Tens of thousands of bus transmission (the original title: Beijing Olympics opening ceremony, “the road” don’t play mobile phone) source: Beijing daily reporter client | ShiYue process editor: u010