What does Zhang’s circle show?

2022-06-22 0 By

Zhang, a short video creator, gained 10 million followers in two months.The whole Internet is talking about, why is he so popular?Zhang’s real identity is unknown, but the theme of his video is common.Farm life is a busy day from morning till night.This is the true life of most rural people in miniature.It is said that we all like to watch short videos in rural pastoral style.Reference before the circle of Plum Seven, her route is a fairyland of paradise, like an ancient self-sufficient farmhouse;Zhang’s video was shot in a simple, even rudimentary, bungalow in northeast China, with dirty, wrinkled hands feeding livestock.He does farm work during the day and drinks with friends at the end of the kang in the evening.Netizens say this is real rural life.Some netizens have other opinions, saying zhang is black and red.He is vilifying the rural situation.The countryside is not what it was twenty years ago. Villages and towns have been built with tall buildings and spacious roads.Zhang deliberately created scenes in the memory of rural people.There are many people speculate that zhang’s traffic growth so fast, someone behind the manipulation.Regardless of the truth of these views, we just look at Zhang’s video itself.His videos, which are only a few minutes long, contain hundreds of shots in which he appears, perhaps not on his own (team work).The video itself is of high quality.Many rural net red is not out of the circle, because of the shallow processing of the content.In fact, people gradually prefer short videos with high-quality content, rather than seeking novelty and excitement.