Which ethnic minority folk song is the flower, what is its tune?

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There are two conclusions: one is that the folk song is a multi-ethnic comprehensive song, which is not inherent to a certain nationality; the other is that the folk song is characteristic of Hui nationality.But no matter which conclusion, it is an indisputable fact that this folk song is widely spread in northwest China and occupies an important position in the folk songs in northwest China.Gansu province is, of course, the more important region in which the folk song is spread.The folk song spread a long history, according to legend in the early Ming Dynasty has been produced.Therefore, it spreads widely in the region and the nation, and it is understandable that it has been difficult to find its original source.What is the tune of the flowers?The tune of the flowers is high, bright and long, which integrates the regional characteristics of northwest China and has the unique loud and clear style of the local.This tune has a long history of spread, spread relatively widely in the region, and integrates the characteristics of many local minorities to form different characteristic folk songs.But on the whole, the chipper, soaring character of the tune is constant.Because of its cheerful and enthusiastic tone, the folk song is well suited to be sung at ethnic minority festivals with local characteristics.Moreover, “Hua hua” refers to young girls in particular, and this tune has been widely used among minority teenagers to express their love of men and women in songs, which further promotes the spread and adjustment of this tune.