Chinese women’s football team has completed its first training in China, and its players have become popular: beautiful women have received invitations from dating shows in China

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On February 9, Beijing time, the Chinese women’s national football team completed their first training session after returning to China.The team will continue training in accordance with the outdoor weather and strictly abide by the situation.The next task for the Chinese women’s football team will be to prepare for the Hangzhou Asian Games in October and the Women’s World Cup next year.Shui Qingxia proved herself in the Asian Cup. In the next two competitions, whether The Chinese women’s football team can hold up the face of Chinese football again is worth looking forward to!Compared with the highly commercialized Chinese men’s football, the development of Chinese women’s football in recent years is more supported by policies and corporate sponsorship.One of the most typical examples is that in 2019, the enterprise Alipay announced a sponsorship plan of “10 billion yuan”. After the Asian Women’s Football Team won the gold medal, the enterprise decided to give 13 million yuan in cash reward.Taking advantage of China’s victory in the Asian Women’s Cup, Alipay also released the data and summary of its work to promote the development of Chinese women’s football in recent years.These include over 50 million yuan in bonuses and subsidies for the women’s national football team, over 1,000 new elite youth matches for women’s football, and the construction of 15 youth training centers for women’s football in China. These basic projects are also promoting the development of Women’s football in China.In addition, the introduction of high-tech and promote the development of campus women’s football, and other aspects, also invested a huge amount of money and energy.After returning home, Chinese women’s football team is favored by all capital forces and become the darling of traffic.Players such as Wang Shanshan, Shui Qingxia’s husband, Wu Chengshu’s mother and Zhang Rui’s father have all been warmly welcomed by the media in their hometown, asking them to share fun stories about the players playing or competing in the Games.Goalkeeper Zhao Lina even revealed on social media that she received an invitation from the entertainment show “If You Are the One”, which shows the influence of Chinese women’s football team at the present stage.In fact, competitive sports is like this, with achievements, there is everything, the truth is very simple, but it is difficult to achieve.