During the Winter Olympics, traffic management measures came

2022-06-23 0 By

To improve air quality during winter, winter paralympic games held good, jinzhong public security traffic police will continue to further promote the old old retired, strict clinker convey vehicles, bulk coal transportation excess emissions of vehicles, vehicle road control, is investigated in accordance with the truck ran ban, block is lax, spilling carry items, wade brand related certificate and the excess emissions of motor vehicles and other key traffic violations.Guarantee time: January 30 – February 20, March 1 – March 13, 2020 Guarantee measures within the guarantee time, strictly in accordance with the municipal government management and control announcement, the normal situation of the implementation of competition control measures, when the forecast of possible pollution weather, start emergency control measures.Normal race control measures include: heavy and medium goods vehicles with national emission standards 4 and below will not be allowed on the road, and non-road mobile machinery with national emission standards 2 and below will not be allowed to operate.Emergency control measures including: in accordance with requirements of the municipal government, in the motor vehicle. The limit control measures and strengthen the pavement, the five and the discharge standards shall be used for fuel (gas) of heavy medium truck, all kinds of mining companies to stop fuel oil (gas) trucking, stop using fuel oil (gas) of mobile machinery, at the same time focus on strengthening the city urban traffic control and coal cleaning.At the same time, on the opening day of the Winter Paralympic Games on March 4, the city’s heavy and medium-sized country iii, country IV diesel trucks will be suspended, to minimize motor vehicle pollution emissions.Here, Jinzhong public security traffic police warm tips: please pay more attention to the event arrangement, green travel, low carbon travel.After the holiday driving timely pay attention to the vehicle state, on time maintenance, check antifreeze, glass water, lighting and other conditions.