It’s ironic that Ruyi zhuan fights zhen Huan for her daughter, but chooses her daughter to marry away for her family

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It is ironic that there are no parents in the world who don’t love their children. Many parents work hard all their lives in order to ensure their children live a happy and stable life.In the Book, Fucha, queen of the Joseon Dynasty, is a woman who displeases her mother-in-law for the sake of her daughter and the highest person in the imperial court, but finally compromises for the sake of the power family.Empress Fucha and Zhen Huan both love their daughter and don’t want her to get married far away. It’s hard for her to meet her even once, especially in the age of slow carriages and horses. But zhen wins in the end and makes a compromise for the sake of her family.The mission of many princesses is to be reconciled. If you want to wear the crown, you must bear its weight. Princesses have the power that others do not have from the moment they are born, and they accept the worship of the world.The Mongols asked for their concubines. At that time, the only legitimate princesses in the palace were Zhen Huan’s daughter and Empress Fucha’s daughter. Of course, neither of them wanted their daughter to marry far away, so the respectful Empress Fucha even quarreled with Zhen Huan.Zhen Huan daughter older and older, and should be morally, she can Zhen Huan already has a daughter and, she does not want another daughter is far away, so put forward rich and examine the queen’s daughter, queen was also reluctant to natural, rich old woman daughter-in-law both wits, all want to leave her daughter in the side, the rich was made in the queen’s son was lost, there is only one princess,This is her only princess at that time, her heart is understandable, but finally for the family she chose to compromise.Mongolia potential big, if the rich was made in the queen’s daughter in the past, for the rich was made in the home, it is a heavy, rich was queen lost son, if there is a strong son-in-law, has the rich family was also rely on, by the emperor also don’t want to look at Zhen Huan, Zhen Huan had such a severe’s son-in-law, the emperor above will only become more popular grip at the king’s hall of fame, after all, is not the biological mother and son,Both were wary of testing each other, so it was the only option for Fuza’s daughter to marry in Mongolia.Rich was queen although love daughter, but she is also a rich of every family girl, she carried the hopes of the whole family, she can be so stable without in the palace status was rich family’s help, but she is appropriate for the rich of every family to make a certain contribution, in the family compromise eventually persuaded her, agreed to marry his daughter and Mongolia.Daughter to the rich can examine the queen and Zhen Huan war, for the sake of the family in the future she have to choose to compromise, let his daughter far away, and have to say it is too ironic, high overhead, rich was queen while looking at queen mother instrument, is actually a women who help themselves, even in his daughter.