The bottom of the index is here!Shock uptrend officially began!

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Seize the initiative of the stock market, choke the throat of fate!Today, the market is led by two types of weight, play down and pull up, play down and pull up again, the main force has always controlled the market, firmly grasp the initiative chip!After 3723 adjustment, one wave killed, two waves rebounded, three waves killed again, four waves horizontal plate, five waves limit bottom, hit 3023.Shareholders experienced the top of the excitement, callback hesitation, rebound hope, down disappointed, horizontal numbness, limit despair five processes, 700 points, write a whole paragraph of market psychological process!Such a journey, is gain or loss, to use a forward-looking perspective and far-sighted time to look at the problem!People in love, because of lovelorn to hate each other, hate each other ruthless, ordinary people will feel that the abandoned party is very poor, is a loser.In fact, from another point of view, with time to see, will find that lovelorn is a winner, because know their own shortcomings, will be in the future life and work to improve the shortcomings, so that they become better and better!Many great figures in history, are in brokenhearted after just know hard work, and then success!Predecessors planted trees, descendants cool, the first love of the injury let the lovelorn become more and more progress, training more and more excellent, after many years, but put on someone else’s wedding clothes!The stock market rises, can test and cultivate shareholder holding endurance, but such memory is very shallow, engraved degree is not enough!Only substantial adjustment, killing, despair, can be helpful to individual investors, will evolve and experience in such an environment, like a bamboo shoot, constantly metamorphosis, high!Remember the market plunged in 2015, when the Shanghai Stock Exchange from 5178 to 2650, there are shareholders cry, call the collapse of the market, this is the desperate moment of the mood of shareholders, one side is the limit of the market bear down, one side is the limit of the pressure borne by shareholders, both sides of the contest, as long as any party can not bear, will cause the reversal of the market!Sure enough, those who can not bear the shareholders cut, short won, then the market will stop falling in 2638, and 2650 crying investors, only 12 points, is so wonderful, and often only across a river!2638 bottom after the market rose behind more than two years!It is obvious that 5178 to 2638 is a wave down, 2638 to 3587 is the second wave rebound, 3587 to 2440 is three waves down, after three years complete three waves, the most violent killing has passed, the current stage belongs to 2440 after the second wave rise after the callback!In the near future stock people tangled point is 3023 this wave adjusts nadir, can fall below again, this is not the key!Investment is a stock, the market after the release of a huge risk, should be based on individual stocks, do not always tangle with the market!In fact, this wave of empty index singing, mostly at the bottom of the already cut meat, even if the market fell again, they also dare not buy, the same at the top chasing high is them!No matter index or individual stock, bottom is an area, want to combine trade system, kill decisively, when this build storehouse build storehouse decisively, do not let go cheap high grade chip, want to dare to compete with main force to rob to eat, buy in main force most do not hope to buy place, seize the initiative, pull out first!