Thirty year old girls, no confidence

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At 30, it’s like you can’t call it a girl anymore.When we saw each other on New Year’s Day, the old friends all began to talk about marriage.The two girls, who have known each other for more than ten years, also put their engagement on the agenda.It’s funny, they’re also family, so it’s all good in pairs.As their old friends, you should have said good wishes when you heard their good news.Can listen to the conditions of both sides and their state, but feel can not clap.People around say that a woman’s youth is only a few years.After these days, they will be devalued and labeled as leftover women.As a result, those who had eyes of the girl, also naturally compromise.Not bad, just a little disappointed.It’s easy to get nostalgic at the end of a New Year.The friendship lasted more than 10 years, so I saw them at their most beautiful.A few years ago, they had a dream, no distractions to run towards the dream.At that time, they believed in love and spoke freely about what they wanted from their partners.The rush of the festival, we encourage each other, infinite vision of the future.But now that I see them again, I feel that their conversation is full of hesitation and hesitation.It was as if the faith that had been firmly believed had suddenly collapsed.The girl who had been out and about for years was rather timid.Once clearly planned a good life, perseverance also refused to give up hope.But now, as graduation approaches, I’m afraid of my future.When she was at school, there was no shortage of suitors.At that time she refused simply and would not settle.Throw away gifts and unread love letters in the trash.But now she’s engaged, and the reason is that he’s nice to her.Conditions are not as well matched, preparation is not as good, and there are unknown risks and problems.He decided to marry himself off without knowing why.If there’s one reason, it’s probably timing.The man appeared when she was at her weakest, as if clutching at straws and thinking it was him.Honestly, it’s not your friend’s place to tell someone about their marriage.Only to see wandering in the intersection of her life, feel some regrets.Time is really a magical thing, urging people to move forward.30 hasn’t come yet, a girl who amazed her youth at 17 has no expectations for the future.When did the best look begin to wear out beyond recognition?Forget who you were, who you were, who you were?New Year’s Day met a lot of people who are going to get married, mention the most, is appropriate two words.I used to think it was appropriate to be in love with each other, to have proven three views and experienced twists and turns.Later found that appropriate is similar in age, family.Another longtime friend, also put the engagement ceremony on the agenda.Too deep to know how fast she was growing.They all say the same thing. If you treat me well, you can marry me directly.Real girls are running conditions to go, nubile girls, but began to have no desires.They don’t ask for anything, they don’t fight for their rights.I vaguely remember a get-together a few years ago, when she confidently said that she would never settle.Together, we joked about marriages that had ended badly and imagined what the future would be like.Over the years she has traveled to many places and seen many dazzling landscapes.Sometimes I saw her wandering happily in some cave and thought she was living a good life.I used to joke, I wonder what kind of man could hold a wild horse like you?As we chatted again, the question of years ago was answered.Let the wild woman stop the pace of Mercedes, is an introverted shy man.Plain, plain stuff you wouldn’t find in a pile of people.It’s a huge departure from the way she portrayed it back then.She who used to gallop like a gale becomes a gentle breeze when she stops.Always thought she should have flown further, but did not expect that she finally chose to run aground.Friends get married one after another, and when they come home the next year, they can’t find a single playmate.It’s probably a habit of thinking highly of their friends, so they think they’re not good enough for anyone.Or bless them for finding someone they can identify with.Time has gone by, and everyone has put the old wind up.They are no longer selective, no longer confident, no longer light in their eyes, no longer rain in their hearts.The confidence and edge that had accompanied him for decades were replaced by maturity and introversion.Girls will become women, arrogance became hypocritical, self-confidence became inferiority.Thirty comes so suddenly that many girls forget their best looks.Blindly lowering your standards, being afraid of what’s not happening, and not being the same person you were before.Does age really devalue a person?I don’t think so.Really let their light lost, is no longer looking forward to the future, no confidence and cheerful heart.Finally, don’t lose heart, be confident, because you are really good and the future will be better.