Zhongke Intelligent joined the Tongxin Ecological Alliance to build the blockchain cooperation ecology of domestic system software

2022-06-23 0 By

Recently, Guangdong Zhongke Intelligent Blockchain Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhongke Intelligence”) was invited to join The Tongxin Ecological Alliance and become the representative institution of blockchain information and innovation. Together with Tongxin Ecological Alliance, we will create a new ecosystem of independent software and hardware with domestic operating system and blockchain integration application as the core.Tongxin Ecological Alliance was formally established at tongxin UOS Ecological Conference on December 23, 2020. It is an information technology ecological service platform composed of enterprises, research institutes, social organizations, experts and scholars engaged in information technology related businesses.Existing contains the godson, kunpeng, ascended, dream, huawei, ali cloud, baidu, China mail tunnels courtyard, electronic standard school, more than 500 member units, covering the chip, the whole machine, peripherals, database, middleware, application security, cloud computing, software and hardware companies and evaluation, user, on behalf of the relevant institutions, such as colleges and universities.The alliance aims to build an innovation ecosystem around the self-developed operating system and other basic hardware and software, promote the ecological adaptation of products, provide technology, standards, talents and other support services for the development of information technology industry, jointly promote the implementation of information technology industry projects, and promote the coordinated development of industrial chain.As a full member of the alliance of concentric ecological unit, division intelligence will continue to actively practice of domestic letter and adaptation, continue to strengthen domestic the research innovation and popularization of the technology of block chain, strengthen the cooperation with various ecological partners, better quality of block chain solution, help information technology application innovation ecological construction and industry development in our country.Zhongke Intelligence is the international leading provider of blockchain underlying technology with independent property rights. It has the largest number of blockchain products registered by caC (the sixth batch) and is committed to the independent research and development of blockchain underlying technology algorithm.It has domestic block chain underlying platform, domestic block chain scenario teaching workstation, domestic block chain supercomputer node server, digital chip, and its products have obtained compatibility and mutual certification certificates of Tongxin, Kilin, Kunpeng, Feiteng, Baode and other xinchuang products.Service cases involve blockchain supercomputer center, blockchain comprehensive service platform, blockchain talent training, smart agriculture, smart Party building and other fields.Zhongke Intelligent focuses on the r&d and application of the underlying technology of domestic block chain, driving productivity with cutting-edge technology, promoting industrial incubation with ecological system, driving innovation and development with talent cultivation, and helping government social governance and enabling the development of digital economy.