A look of disappointment!South Korea’s women’s soccer team is in an emotional meltdown, with the coach sitting on the bench biting his fingers and staring blank

2022-06-24 0 By

In the Final of the Asian Women’s Cup, China came back from 2-0 down with three goals in a row to make a super comeback. Not only that, but also in the last minute of stoppage time, Xiao Yuyi scored a stunning goal to win the Asian Women’s Cup 3-2 against South Korea and win the Asian Cup for the 9th time.Championship, the Chinese player wild celebrations, the girls will be the first time service manager ShuiQingXia thrown into the air, you know, in the semi-finals before, China eliminated after Japan also try to abandon water guide, very calm, but ShuiQingXia beckoned to the players don’t do it, but this time, the king of the title, the water guiding had an opportunity of expressing emotion,She was no longer in the way of her disciples and was thrown high into the air. She was happiest now.Side joy, sorrow is a party, the Chinese background plate, is helpless, south koreans their 2-0 ahead of us in the first half, see the dawn of the title, are the second half of the mutation, conceded three goals, even by the Chinese women’s football the buzzer to beat, such script for any team is difficult to accept, can’t imagine, eternally.After the game, the Korean team players a sad face, many people shed tears, mood is very low, at this time, the camera also aimed at the side of the Korean foreign coach, he a person sitting on the bench, no mood, a face of indifference, at the moment he, heart from heaven to hell, too cruel.