As another extra class was about to close, the principal’s words struck a chord: HE hoped to pay back the money in his lifetime

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The double reduction policy has been implemented in primary and secondary schools across the country. Students are encouraged to have a happy winter holiday. They don’t have to get up early and stay late for extra classes, they get good grades in exams and their parents can take them out to play.It can be said that “someone is happy someone is worried”, this policy is implemented, many remedial classes closed, create remedial classes of the principal, life can not be easy, parents want to withdraw tuition fees, but poor operation, and encountered double reduction, is not the state of money, how to do, a remedial class of the principal, is the heart.A major education technology company in Beijing has decided to close its doors and not continue its business.It is not that I do not want to return the money, I have lost everything, but please rest assured that since I choose to do teaching and training, I still have a love in my heart. I will work out and strive for the rest of my life.Compared with those ungood principals, it is a world of difference. Some principals of education and training institutions have long thought of playing the “emotional card”, and made preparations in advance. They also engage in sales promotion before closing, and then turn around and run away.This letter to parents “bankruptcy confession letter”, but can see the principal’s attitude is very sincere, the heart is very love education and training industry, it is helpless to close down, than not to say a word, play the world to evaporate better, I think parents can understand.The education and training industry is full of wailing. many principals face the problem of refunding fees, such as rent, water and electricity, teachers’ salaries and initial investment.Also some people investment adverse, make up for the past phenomenon is common, parents think not to let students lose in the starting line, the market to seize the parents of this psychology, remedial classes like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, many people earn is full of pot, let a person eye candy, did not think of the investment, but encountered this big change, can only end in misery.Although there are difficulties, but the parents’ money is not the wind, should not roll up and leave, no word, to speak conscience, encounter problems to think of a way, not escape.Having said that, people are unpredictable, encounter bad training institutions, spent thousands of dollars of parents, may consider themselves unlucky, but, spent tens of thousands, or even more than a hundred thousand parents, want to get back some, reduce the loss, how to do this?After the implementation of the double reduction policy, many remedial classes closed, parents should do to safeguard their rights and interests of most remedial classes, adopt the mode of “pay first and then attend classes”, relevant departments have provisions, the fees charged by remedial classes, one-time charges are not allowed to exceed 3 months.In order to earn more interests, remedial classes are playing a marginal ball, using discounts, welfare, etc., to attract parents to store up a large number of classes, the more the cheaper the class.Students make up for the cost of the class, this is not a small economic burden to the parents, can be cheap point is point, but this is a big change, the class to close, parents pay a large amount of make-up fees to ask for no door, leaving a lot of class time, also become a failure.Through legal channels to solve is inevitable, in accordance with the relevant provisions, has been supposed to return the fees, but there are a lot of exquisite, for example, has been declared bankrupt, the bankruptcy law, to solve the cost manager, staff wages, and labor compensation, etc., processed these debts, eventually can turn to parents refund, you can imagine how hard it is, it takes a long time, and,It’s hard to get a full refund.Parents also do not lose heart, to save relevant evidence, such as transfer records, chat records, fees, class registration forms, and so on, and then seek legal help, relatively more effective.Anyway, parents want to safeguard their rights and interests, need to be rational, not blind impulse, of course, not to let the parents recognize, to choose the right way to solve the problem, seek the help of education and other relevant departments, the road for tuition is long, parents should have psychological preparation, but also have patience and confidence.The author would like to say: remedial classes one after another close, parents want to refund fees, hope the relevant departments can give help, parents can rest assured, as long as there is sufficient evidence, the relevant departments involved in the investigation, I believe that parents will get justice.The words of the principal of the supplementary class are a little bit of a heart, who have difficulties, as long as it is not hiding not to solve the problem, parents can understand, also hope to owe parents supplementary classes, no matter how hard, or to refund to parents, people can not be ignorant conscience.Behind it, and the fact that a firm heart, therefore, the parents’ education how severe anxiety, in order to give students quality education resources, again painstakingly again tired all know, don’t ask, don’t make up a missed lesson of the outcome, of course, some parents cultural level is limited, it is difficult to students, so we have to spend money to find extra classes, pitiful world parents heart.In the future, the road to refund is long and a little far away, and it may not be able to get a full refund. Parents should have a certain psychological preparation. No one is happy about such things, and they should also want to open up a bit.Today’s topic: after reading the “apology letter” from the principal of the supplementary class, what do you think as a parent?Leave a comment in the comments section.If you want to know more exciting content, come to the melon education guide