China’s five-point position on the Ukrainian issue

2022-06-24 0 By

On February 25, At request, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi had telephone conversations with British Foreign Secretary Mark Terras, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Rafael Borrell and Adviser to the French President Bernard Bona, focusing on the situation in Ukraine.Wang Yi elaborated on China’s basic position on the Ukraine issue, which can be summarized into the following five points: first, China firmly stands for respecting and safeguarding the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries and earnestly abiding by the purposes and principles of the UN Charter.This position is consistent and clear and applies equally to the Ukraine issue.Second, China advocates common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security.We believe that the security of one country should not be at the expense of the security of other countries, and regional security should not be guaranteed by strengthening or even expanding military blocs.The legitimate security concerns of all countries should be respected.Under the circumstances of NATO’s eastward expansion for five consecutive rounds, Russia’s legitimate demands for security should be taken seriously and properly addressed.Third, China has been following closely the evolution of the Ukrainian issue. We do not want to see the current situation.It is imperative that all parties exercise necessary restraint to prevent the situation on the ground in Ukraine from deteriorating or even spiraling out of control.The safety of civilians’ lives and property should be effectively guaranteed, and in particular, large-scale humanitarian crises should be prevented.Fourth, China supports and encourages all diplomatic efforts conducive to the peaceful settlement of the Ukrainian crisis.China welcomes Russia and Ukraine to hold direct dialogue and negotiation as soon as possible.The evolution of the Ukraine issue has a complicated history.Ukraine should be a bridge between East and West, not the front line of great power confrontation.China also supports equal dialogue between the EU and Russia on European security issues and the eventual formation of a balanced, effective and sustainable European security mechanism.5. China believes that the UN Security Council should play a constructive role in resolving the Ukrainian issue and give priority to regional peace and stability as well as the security of all countries.Actions taken by the Council should cool tensions rather than add fuel to them, and should facilitate a diplomatic solution rather than further escalate the situation.In view of this, China has always opposed the frequent use of Chapter VII in SECURITY Council resolutions authorizing the use of force and sanctions.As a permanent member of the UN Security Council and a responsible major country, China has always faithfully fulfilled its international obligations and played a constructive role in safeguarding world peace and stability, Wang said.China has the best record as a major power when it comes to peace and security.We have never invaded other countries, engaged in proxy wars, sought spheres of influence or engaged in military bloc confrontation.China is committed to peaceful development and building a community with a shared future for mankind.We will continue to stand firm against all hegemons and powers and firmly uphold the legitimate rights and interests of developing countries, especially small and medium-sized countries.Source: Xinhua