Greece is gradually lifting quarantine restrictions and will closely monitor the development of the epidemic

2022-06-24 0 By

China News on February 20A committee of experts from the Ministry of Health in Greece has decided to gradually lift restrictions previously imposed specifically in response to the COVID-19 outbreak after reviewing the new situation, the China-Greece Times reported.People who have received all three doses of the vaccine will be officially unsealed on Monday, while stricter restrictions will remain in place for those who have not received the vaccine.File photo: A waiter clears a table at a restaurant in Athens, Greece.According to the report, the revised measures include customers at entertainment venues being allowed to stand in the store when full;Schools can organize group trips for students;Stadiums and gymnasiums are 50% full;The utilization rate of urban public sports facilities increased to 20%;Telecommuting in the private and public sectors has dropped to 20% and so on.In addition, it is still mandatory to wear a double-layer or FFP2 mask in supermarkets and on public transport, as well as indoors and outdoors, the report noted.The researchers stressed that lifting restrictions should not under any circumstances be seen as the end of COVID-19, the report said.”We cannot ignore that nearly 20,000 people are still being infected every day across Greece.”Eighty percent of the adult population in Greece has been vaccinated, so it is critical for all of us to watch for changes in hard indicators and understand the importance of corresponding protective measures.””We are starting with small but steady steps to lift some of the restrictions on intermediate-risk activities,” Papaaiwanglu, a professor of paediatric infectious diseases in Greece and a member of the Ministry of Health’s expert committee, said at a regular coronavirus briefing.Of course, we will continue to closely monitor the development of the outbreak.”She added: “Given the current development of the epidemic in Greece and the burden on the national health system, the Greek government is not prepared to follow the lead of some other European countries and immediately lift all restrictions. The unblocking of our quarantine measures will be a gradual process.””Clearly we are going through a critical phase where we will coexist with novel Coronavirus,” she said.Each of us has to make our own decisions about our own actions, taking into account our age, our health and our families.””Hopefully there won’t be any new virus variants that will upset the status quo again,” she said.Greece reported 15,305 new COVID-19 cases in the past 24 hours and 77 new COVID-19 deaths in the country, the Greek National Public Health Organization announced on The evening of Monday (local time).(Zhang Jiaxiang)