Guo Jingjing’s three children make a high-profile appearance!All wearing down jackets and watching the opening ceremony at home, so sweet

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Although the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games has ended, the grand and warm scene impressed everyone deeply. For this event, it also attracted many people’s attention. Guo Jingjing posted a photo of her three children watching the opening ceremony on her social media platform not long ago.Although The Guo Jingjing family is a rich family, but whether it is for the upbringing of children or their private lifestyle, are not like a rich family, but more down-to-earth and low-key, this time Guo Jingjing posted a photo of her three children, also let everyone sigh again guo Jingjing family low-key life.At the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, the down jacket style of the delegations is very popular, which also caused the down jacket explosion scene, and Guo Jingjing posted a photo of her three children wearing down jackets.Actually through this opening ceremony of the delegations down jacket modelling and guo jingjing the children down jacket model, we can find that the design of the most popular down jacket, basically can have these characteristics: 01 match colors is very simple: the pure color of large area + a small area of the bright color ornament, is very good highlights the down jacket senior visual sense.02 silhouette more agile: straight line version + long/medium long clothes length.Wearing a hat is better: the design of a hat on a down jacket will increase the sense of modeling at the neckline and highlight the visual highlights of the whole outfit.In fact, a simple summary is to weaken the thick sense of down jacket itself, emphasizing the minimalist effect of modeling.The fire of casual wind more versatile down jacket also makes casual wear stand firm in the fashion circle again. In fact, most of the time in our daily life, the style we choose to dress up is casual style. Even the stars often wear casual style in private.Let’s take guo Jingjing’s family’s private dressing as an example. Basically, her family is casual style, especially the three children, who wear casual style to a very wonderful effect.For casual wear, if you want to wear a simple style with a bright and advanced effect, we can generally start with these details:1 choose bright color collocation whether it is children’s casual style or adults’ casual style, the color matching of clothes is one of the most important parts that we need to pay attention to. Compared with the basic color collocation, bright color collocation of casual clothes can actually highlight the youthful vitality of the whole body style.This is very suitable for children and adults to dress up, while bright colors are more difficult to match than basic colors due to their high saturation and bright properties. Therefore, in order to reduce the color collocation, we can reduce the brightness and saturation of matching colors through the unique properties of the fabric.For example, the choice of fabrics with a thin sense of color, relatively better to wear a few.Then let’s look at some details about color matching that we need to pay attention to: 01 No more than three colors for the whole body.02 Color matching should have obvious relationship between shades.03 Bright + basic color collocation, best to wear the most versatile.2. Pay attention to the silhouette of clothes. We can simply divide the silhouette of casual clothes into two kinds, slim version and loose version, generally we will choose loose version.Version but regardless of the type design, we need to take particular care is better bring up casual profile changes, change here refers to the change of the overall and detail: 01 overall changes: panasonic on tight fit is highlighting the profile of modelling and changes in the overall sense, especially casual collocation, can have better effect of got-up figure.02 Changes in details: The emphasis is on some details of clothing design, such as the design of upper coat and cap, and the design of pants hem.Tips: For casual wear, we must reflect the shape of the clothes, whether in the whole or in detail, one or the other.Statement: original text, pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete.Prohibit plagiarism, offenders will be prosecuted!The text/smile