Jingyuan County, Ningxia: “123” happy farmers dress up the countryside

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In Yangling Village, Dawan Township, Jingyuan County, Ningxia in March, peach blossoms bloom all over the hillside, green winter wheat dyed the farmland, and fruit trees in the farmyard are green, presenting a thriving scene.Madlin, an 82-year-old villager, covered his garden with a thick layer of organic manure and called in his son Makeren, who worked with him as he turned the soft soil up and down with his shovel.”Grow a garden vegetable, can eat for a year, fresh and safe, but also save money.”Madlin’s home is three or four kilometers away from Dawan Township. He has three meals a day, carried by his children or grandchildren from the market.Last year, the village launched a vegetable garden and orchard “two small garden” construction, Madlin in the yard of more than 10 square meters of space, brick fence, transformed into a vegetable garden, plant peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes and other vegetables from spring to autumn.Nowadays, vegetable gardens and orchards have become the standard of yangling village farm yard. Together with clean and tidy village lanes and roads, tidy white wall and black tile houses, leisurely castle peak, modern cattle workshop and magnificent peasant villas, they form a beautiful village picture.”Sewage and garbage centralized treatment, asphalt road to the door, the village is more beautiful year by year.””Said Madelyn happily.In recent years, Jingyuan county continued to build a beautiful village, the implementation of “123” model project of happy farmers, combined with the transformation of water, toilet, kitchen, shed, courtyard, construction of a happy courtyard, guide the masses to develop courtyard economy, planting a vegetable garden, an orchard, in front of the house, behind the village road, river ditch planting “three trees”.Supporting the implementation of “three a” “WuQing two change” project, different village-by-village demolition waste pueblos, debris, clean up the heap of the place Chai Caodui in the public areas, dunghill, mound, repair the damaged apex, gate house, education to guide the masses to nosocomial brick, straw neatly stacked, furniture, food, house stacked tools such as classification, improve village CunMao.Yangling village takes the east wind of beautiful village construction to harden the original sand and soil roads, build side gully slope protection, afforestation on both sides of the road, sow flowers and plants on the barren slope, and turn the old village into a big garden.Next, build standardized clinics, ecological parking lots and walking paths at the village level, transform homestay and dilapidated houses, and complete supporting facilities for household garbage and sewage treatment.”According to recyclable garbage, perishable compost garbage, residual construction garbage, etc., the farmers will classify the garbage for the first time, and the cleaners for the second time.”Yangling village director He Dian quan introduced that the garbage after classification is transported to the garbage point and garbage bin by the cleaner, and then transported to the landfill site by the fixed staff with special vehicles for disposal, so that the garbage cleaning day, sewage does not go out of the house.Jingyuan County, through the implementation of the “123” Project for happy farmhouses and the “grid” management of environmental health, has made the farmhouses clean and beautiful, promoted the improvement of people’s civilization and quality, and made the countryside more beautiful and livable.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com