Luzhou district to arrange the deployment of anti-drug key rectification acceptance sprint work

2022-06-24 0 By

Yellow River News Network Changzhi news: On February 8, Luzhou district held a meeting on the anti-drug key renovation acceptance sprint work to arrange deployment.Wu Guohong, secretary of the Standing Committee of the District Committee of Politics and Law, cao Gan, deputy head of the district public security Bureau, attended.The meeting pointed out that all levels and departments in the region should attach great importance to, pool their wisdom and strength, make all-out efforts to overcome difficulties, further improve work data, strengthen the construction of anti-drug positions, and improve the results of the anti-drug war.We should adhere to a problem-oriented approach, further clarify our thinking, strengthen our weak links, and form a joint force. We should resolutely accomplish all tasks in drug control with the determination to burn our Bridges and fight against all risks, and with the courage to never give up until victory is achieved, so as to create a harmonious and stable social environment for all-round high-quality development.(Sun Ming)